My hubby said I’m “ignorant”.The reason? Because I purposely CHOOSE to NOT know about sinful or loser things, such as alcohol or sports. In fact, I take pride in not knowing alcoholic drinks or sports teams, it’s a testimony to my NOT being worldly, sinful, and white trash.I honestly have better things to do with my time, more appropriate and useful things to read, study and learn about,and partake in, such as intellectual, cultural, and godly things.I won’t waste my time with useless, meaningless or bad things and I’m wise to stay away from and avoid sin and worldliness.

As well, due my almost-certain having Asperger’s Syndrome, people think I come across as cold, unfeeling,heartless, uncaring, aloof,and mean, when in fact the opposite is true; I DO have feelings, I do care, I do empathize with people, and  I actually care TOO much and feel TOO deeply,so much so it oftentimes feels like I carry the weight of the world ,and it greatly burdens me. I feel so badly for people’s struggles and problems it’s heavy on my heart, worries me and it feels like I carry it personally, it’s just that I have a hard time relating to, connecting with, and getting along with people.I am always misunderstood, my intentions taken the wrong way, and what I say “twisted” around. I often don’t show my feelings(esp. as my life has required me to learn to always hide and be secretive)and have very high and strict moral standards and strong opinions as well that I don’t apologize for, and people mistakenly think I don’t care, but I do.I was never hugged, kissed, or shown affection as a child from my parents either, so I grew up NOT being “affectionate” or able to express feelings. I had to learn on my own.

I also have a strong sense of Divine Justice and punishment for sin and people think it’s mean that I think sinful lifestyles deserve the  punishments that they get as well, such as : if you dress like a whore and show your parts you’re asking to get raped. If you live an immoral life(gay, whore, drugs) you deserve to get AIDS. If you smoke you deserve lung cancer. If you abort your  baby you deserve it  if you die or end up infertile after as a result, if you take birth control and get a stroke, blood clot or heart attack from The Pill it serves you right,etc. but it’s very simple: God has rules, and standards for a reason and if you break them then you have no one to blame but yourself. You are responsible for your actions(incl. your sins) and must accept the consequences. If you don’t want the punishments then you shouldn’t commit the sins, period. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! I won’t apologize for upholding God’s standards and morality. I stand up for His truth and if it makes me unpopular or seen as unfeeling, then so be it. I have never gone along with the crowd, fit in, been popular, or changed my opinions and beliefs to please others before and I’m not starting now. I would rather be called “ignorant” a “snob” “stuck up” “mean” “unfeeling” etc. than to be known as a sinner, ungodly, low-class, or white-trash.