10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Watch The Stupid Super Bowl.

10 Things I’d rather do than watch loser football:

1. Stick pins in my eyes.

2. Watch paint dry.

3.Watch water boil.

4. Have my fingernails pulled out with pliers.

5. Have my leg hairs yanked out with tweezers.

6. Watch laundry spin round and round in the dryer.

7. Watch the TV test pattern.

8. Watch my computer reboot.

9. Wait 6-8 HRS in the ER.

10. Have my teeth pulled.

I think I will go into hibernation until Monday so I don’t have to see and hear about the stupid Super Bowl everywhere. NOT everyone CARES! Enough already,and because of this useless crap I miss my TV show 3 out of 4 weeks last month and 1 week this month, so out of 8 episodes I only get to see 3, as I also miss it this month because of a dumb awards show,too! UGH!!