CRTC and Canada Sucks!

Canada sucks. The CRTC sucks; now the Nanny-State organization has decided to try and put a “cap” on our InterNet usage; that is to say, only allow each citizen so much bandwidth and then charge them extra for any “extra” they use, adding up to 100-150$ EXTRA a month, as opposed to a flat rate of unlimited use! This is ridiculous and yet another money grab!There is also no competition here,either and they’re always trying to ban foreign investments and companies which would demand competitive pricing. A friend of mine pays 90$ a month for InterNet whereas a friend in USA said 90$ pays for 6 MONTHS’ worth there! Once again, this stupid country is ranked at the top for most expensive things(incl. cell phones as well) and over charging, but luckily THIS time the gov’t (for ONCE!) is doing something good and  going to overturn it, at least for the time being, thank God! The CRTC are the same fascists that banned the Dire Straits song on the radio for one “offensive” word, and forces the media to broadcast so many hours of crappy shitless Canadian crap that sucks and that no one wants,likes,or even watches!

As well, we have limited selection of goods here but pay twice as much for goods as in other countries, have one of the highest taxes, have the highest cellphone rates,and so many things banned, regulated and controlled by the gov’t who thinks they know what’s best for us, intrusive and Big Brother,and now the CRTC being brain-dead, and minority special-interest groups getting special rights at the expense of the rest of our rights and freedoms,legalizing sin, forcing French on us, etc.This country SUCKS! I’d have left long ago but I can’t afford to move! I have been to 25 countries so have something else to compare it to and know what else is out there and here is REALLY lacking and comes up short!