The Smoke Of Satan.

Bible prophecies in the Last Days state that the Church will fall into a great apostacy and that the “Smoke of Satan” would infiltrate it. This is happening now and Pope Benedict is a disgrace. I recently read that he is now  urging on the New World Order, by saying he hopes for a one-world gov’t, one-world economy and currency and one-world religion. This Pope is giving the Church a bad name and is going against tradition and God  and is an apostate. He makes me embarrassed to be a Catholic and we don’t listen to anything he says anymore. He is an enviro-freak(when environmentalism is paganist nature-worship and idolatry) a hypocrite, covers up the clergy child sex abuse scandal,and is encouraging a New World Order, all of which is against the Bible and against God. Many are fleeing the Church and are disillusioned and disappointed with this Pope, myself included.

What we do is simply size up what he says with the Bible. If it agrees it is ok but if it conflicts we go with the Bible and just  ignore him. What will he be saying or doing next in apostacy, I wonder? Will he allow women “priests”, gay “marriage”, birth control, or abortion? I hate to think! Truly the Smoke of Satan has infiltrated the Church at the highest levels, from the Pope himself down to the cardinals, bishops,and priests and us regular folk are left to twist in the wind and make our own way, to go with the Bible and no longer follow him as an “infalliable” head of the Church.We have been abandoned by the Church and the Pope and are now left to fend on our own and do our best to avoid the apostacy that has taken over, and worship God but by keeping a watchful eye on the Church that it doesn’t lead us astray and wayward until Jesus returns and restores order and a New Heaven and a New Earth and all evil is destroyed.