Bad Attitude!

Wilson just keeps getting worse and worse all the time, even more nasty and aggressive! Now it growls at us if we even walk by it or just go near it,and it refuses to go outside to go pee now as well as to get into it’s crate at night for bed,even when it whimpers and whines to be let out in the morning to get out of the crate and go outside to pee it STILL refuses to go out and growls! It also growls when we feed it or even LOOK at it! It’s just nasty and mean and we have no choice but to get rid of it; we’re just waiting for Sieka to get prego(she’s 10 months old and still hasn’t even had her first “heat” yet!) and as soon as she is we can get rid of it as we won’t need it anymore; we’re just keeping it until then, but we wish it would hurry up! We’ll just have to let it go somewhere though and drop it off somewhere as no one will want to BUY a vicious dog! I don’t see that we really have any choice. It’s aggressive and we don’t have to put up with it! A friend of mine said if her dog did that she’d beat it across the head with a shovel!The sooner we’re rid of it, the better! We have given it many chances and it just keeps getting worse.There’s nothing more that we can do!