Frozen Water Vapour.

After a mild winter last year and only 3 small snowfalls this winter is a real blast of cold air,high winds and massive snow! This is what a real Canadian winter is usually like! We have had it so cold the temp was -27C with the windchill it felt like -47C and you can hear the bone-chilling wind howl and whistle and bang on the windows. It has been so cold our water pipes have frozen!

As for the snow, we have had a few blizzards already, snow squalls and white-outs that even the schools were closed for the first time in 10 years! That is rare around here( as we’re used to bad winters and lots of snow) and now we have so much it goes all the way up to the top of the porch gate in the backyard(the dogs can just walk up and over it from one side of the yard to the other) and we have snowbanks 6 feet high along the curbs from when the plow has come by! They have to come along and remove them from the side of the roads and the Christmas tree we put out for pick up is still there, now all buried and completely hidden under a big pile of snow! I guess now it won’t be taken until spring once all the snow melts and it will be visible once again.The weight of the snow was so heavy as well several roofs have even collapsed and it did break our porch swing roof as well we have to fix in the spring.Of course the weather is perfect for the kids who love to go out and skate, toboggon and snowboard!