Ow, My Sore Leg!

I have a REALLY sore leg and have no idea why! It is my upper left leg(thigh) and it started to hurt during the night and I found I couldn’t move it or change position without pain and wincing. Then when I got up it was worse; I could hardly bear weight on it, walk or even move it. I hobble along, taking slow small steps,sucking in air as I move, each movement painful. The weird thing is I have no idea what it is or why; I never hurt, twisted or pulled it and haven’t fallen or had any accident or incident with it or tortured it with any recent exercise.

It’s likely either a muscle or a pinched nerve, but I’m going with the pinched nerve as more likely since I did rub balm on it, took muscle pain pills and put a heating pad on it and nothing worked,there was no difference and no relief, so probably not a muscle.I checked Google who said it may be anything from a deep-vein bloodclot, kidney disease or low on potassium to cause muscle cramping, or a pinched nerve from sciatica or a tumor pressing on it. Regardless, it hurts like hell and I have no idea why and shows no signs so far of any improvement.It’s really annoying too trying to walk(rather, that is, limp) and going up and down stairs I can’t bend that leg so I have to take tiny little baby steps and put both feet on the same step; I can’t lift the leg up.Whatever it is, I hope it goes away as this is really a pain!