Power To The People!!

Freedom to Egypt! After 30 YRS of rule, President Hosni Mubarak has resigned due to protests of the people and pressure from the military. So now Egypt has a temporary military gov’t with upcoming democratic elections in the near future.This is a moment in history we have witnessed here, like when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. It is a time of great achievement, joy, jubilation and celebration for the Egyptian people and may hold change for the entire Arab world if other Middle Eastern countries follow suit in overthrowing repressive regimes.

The rest of world can only watch and wait, happy that the people have prevailed but waiting with held breath to see what’s next, that the interim gov’t will in fact do the will of the people and transfer power to who they elect, and Israel is rightly nervous since Mubarak honoured the Egypt-Israeli peace treaty and they are uncertain if the new gov’t will uphold it and remain an ally.It is a good and promising start, but only the beginning. Time  will tell if true democracy will prevail, with the hopes that it will and this is a hopeful start.It is a monumental time in history that can change the political course of the world and a day of celebration and power to the people, and proof that the people CAN create change and bring down corruption and instill freedom and democracy!