Stomach Stapling.

I am seriously considering getting my stomach stapled(gastric bypass surgery) to lose weight.I need to lose a good 60 pounds. I have tried pretty well every diet out there and I can only ever lose so much weight(20 pounds)and then it stops and I can’t lose any more, and it always comes back on. I am genetically fat.I am “programmed” that way. Everyone on both sides of my family is fat. I inherited it. I have a big build and nothing I do takes the weight off.I will never be thin. If I had my stomach stapled and made smaller I wouldn’t have an appetite and the weight would come off.This is the only permanent and effective solution I can find that could work.The only drawback: the cost!

I have checked various places and have seen it for 60 000$, 30 000$, 15 000$ 13 000$ and 9000$.I found one place 2 HRS away that offered 2000$ OFF, so how much IS it, I wonder? I hope if I keep looking I can find it cheaper. The problem is health insurance doesn’t pay. I could afford up to 5000$ and even then it would take me 2 YEARS to save up that much. As well, they have an extensive 4 year after program with dieticians ,therapists, counselling, social workers, etc. which I wasn’t expecting; I thought you’d have the surgery and(after the medical follow-up) that was it, not all this required ongoing follow-up which I find to be intrusive,unnecessary,time consuming,a hassle, and a pain, esp. social workers who I don’t trust and are very nosey and I don’t believe in psychology, either.So, I am still looking into it, but likely(like everything else) it will probably not be a reality and won’t happen; either I won’t be able to afford it(lack of finances has always held me back and made things out of my reach) or my refusal to get into this invasive post-op therapy crap will disqualify me. Unless, of course, I just tell them after the procedure I’m moving away….and they won’t be able to bother me anymore? That might be an option,too….

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