A Catholic Commune.

I came across a Catholic apostolate community/commune that I found interesting yet also in a way more like rehab or prison. It is isolated out in the country, without banking services(not even an ATM) and no computer access, TV, or cell phone reception. It is for retreats and as well they have a full-time community living and working on the compound. It involves simple living such as gardening, farming, wood chopping, etc. I like how it is austere, spiritually-centred,has high standards for dress and conduct, and emphasis on worship(they have daily Mass)study, classes and instruction, no meat(they only eat fruit, grains and vegetables), are up early,duties,etc. but are harsh too in the way they only have an outhouse and only allowed to shower ONCE a WEEK! I was thinking it might be a good preparation in a way for my future plan of doing missionary work in Africa in a few years once all the kids are grown and left home….

As well, at Mass Sunday they read a letter from the Arch Bishop which stated due to declining church attendence and shortage of priests,and to cut down on expenses by “combining” churches, they will be closing down some parishes and eliminating some Masses. Not too likely they’d close down our church since it’s the only Catholic church in this hick town, but I do have an uneasy fear that they may phase out the Sunday 17:00 Mass WE go to(although it has been there for the past 27 years and we DO have 2 priests, whereas some places they have to share priests; they travel from parish to parish within communities) and I hope NOT since the other options(Saturday 17:00 and 2 early morning Masses Sunday morning) are NOT convenient for us.Oh, boy….what now?