Pre-Surgery, Circa 1981-1982

Hideous, yes, I know. An old friend of mine found this old picture of me from either 1981-1982 when I was 14-15 years old and posted it on her Facebook. I looked even uglier then than I do now as this was pre-surgery, before I had my enormous boobs reduced, before the nose job to fix my little piggy nose with the thick top and turned-up snout,and before I had my thin barely-there lips plumped up. I also had one of those famous ugly 1980’s hairstyles. Also note the old-fashioned phone and the outrageous “loud” shirt. I can’t believe we went out in PUBLIC like that! The 80’s were a strange time, with hideous clothes and hair! I looked even worse then than I do now! I shuddered and laughed when I saw this horrible old photo.I looked like such an ugly bitch even I’M tempted to smack myself upside the head! No wonder everyone hated me and bullied me looking like that; so ugly!