Kudos To The Kid!

I am not a Justin Bieber fan. I think his music is gay(and when I first heard a song of his I honestly thought it was a girl!) he sounds like a little girl, and I think his hair looks ridiculous and I don’t see what the Bieber Fever is all about,think it’s outrageous he’s worth100$ million and  is buying a helicopter at age 16, BUT…I admire the kid. Rolling Stone magazine recently interviewed him on some heavy topics and he responded well, shows he has ethics and morals and stood up for what he believes in and I admire him for him and now have a new respect for him.He spoke out against sex before marriage and said you should wait to do it with someone you love, knew abortion is murder and said he doesn’t believe in it as it’s killing a baby, and says the American health care sucks as you have to pay and owe medical debt for years,and the oppressive system in North Korea is bad.I think he showed wisdom beyond his years and is well grounded in what’s right and wrong and publically admitted it, which isn’t easy, esp. when it’s an unpopular opinion in the eyes of the world. It’s also good as like it or not he is a role model to many young people; they look up to and admire him and follow him,and when they hear from their teen “idol” sex before marriage and abortion is wrong they are likely to listen to him and follow it as well; he is a good example in this regard.I say kudos to the kid! A job well done and I hope he stays grounded and doesn’t lose his moral compass.

Don’t Dress Like A Slut!

On the news they said a policeman spoke at a university that has a history of frequent sexual assaults recently and gave the logical advice “Don’t dress like a slut.” Sounds logical to me and it’s the truth. It might not be politically correct but he’s right; if you advertise, show your parts and dress like a slut you’re asking to be raped. It’s that simple. You should cover up and dress modestly. Dressing like a slut is like flaunting your body in front of leering men and saying “Come and get it boys!” Now the cop is in trouble and was reprimanded because people got “offended” and thought it was inappropriate and complained. I notice whenever people speak the truth people get offended.They likely don’t want to be told they’re skanks and to hear  that they are responsible for how men see them and treat them when they dress and act this way. I don’t see what the big fuss is; it’s quite simple,really,and not dressing like a slut goes a long way in lessening the chances of an attack.I say good for him for saying it the way it is and they need to hear it. A little precaution and safety goes a long way and this is practical advice.If you don’t want negative and unwanted attention don’t go looking for it.