Held Hostage!

This is outrageous! I heard on the news a British man was unable to return home from a visit in Canada as he was put on the USA’s “no-fly” list, even though there was no reason for him to be on(just likely because he is a white Muslim convert) and the flight wasn’t even connecting in USA or even flying over it; their excuse: in case of emergency landing they may have to land there! How lame is that?This poor man was stuck here, unable to leave and no airline would accept him due to his “flagged” passport.(What I wonder though is how he arrive here then in the first place?) His only options were to either wait until his visitor’s visa had expired and they’d deport him or he could take a ship, at a huge expense. How ridiculous is that? Both this country and USA suck; this country for giving private info on it’s citizens to USA, a foreign gov’t, in the first place,and USA for their paranoid over-the-the-top intrusive security! He said he was fed up and didn’t WANT to be held hostage here and who could blame him? Once his plight hit the media then finally the British consulate managed to get him on a flight back home. I hate it here and wish *I* could be deported! Both Canada and USA suck! File this under “dumb story of the day.” How utterly stupid! I couldn’t believe it! No wonder Canada and USA are allies; they both suck!!

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