The Great Wall Of America.

Today hubby’s flight leaves for his 1 week business trip to USA. I wonder which paranoid over-the-top invasive airport security screening he will be subjected to; the naked body scan or the strip search? It also reminds me of why I no longer fly to, or even connect thru, USA anymore but bypass them completely and take alternate routes now.As well as that, I heard on the news that soon USA will also impose an “entry fee” on travellers arriving by air or sea(we already require passports which we never used to before all this 9/11 crap),and will also soon require visas for Canadians, which I think will drastically damage the relationship as allies between the 2 countries and will damage their tourism industry as people will refuse to be subject to such ridiculous and invasive  measures. It reminds me of the Great Wall of China’ designed to keep outsiders out. This will be USA’s “Great Wall’; keeping foreigners/travellers/tourists/visitors out; isolating themselves from the rest of the world; building a fortress around themselves to keep people out. They are so paranoid and ridiculous about the terrorism threat,but they haven’t figured out yet how to stop attacks by their OWN home-grown citizens( not all terrorists are foreigners) such as the Unibomber, the Oklahoma City bomber,and the Columbine school shooters.They are only ruining it for themselves, for their allies and relationships with other countries and in the eyes of the rest of the world and at the same time will still never eliminate the terrorist threat.. They are just off-putting and turning people off as well as away. No wonder other countries hate them and laugh at them behind their backs.They are absolutely insane and over-doing it.A friend asked me why I’m not going on the trip with my hubby but I have no desire to; USA sucks and I don’t want to go there ever again and don’t feel like I’m missing out. I’m not “jealous” and have no desire to go to a redneck place like Oklahoma anyway!