Don’t Eat The Meat!

I recently read in the news about a near epidemic of viruses infecting meat-producing animals in Asia, mainly cows and pigs, posing a health threat to humans. These diseases are transmitted to humans thru consumption of the meat. Swine Flu and Avian flu  is also similarly spread this way. It made me think “I’m glad I don’t eat meat!” and when I’d recently mentioned this, it was taken the wrong way and someone thought I was being selfish, lucky that I am not in danger, but not caring about those that are, but that’s not what I meant; of course I am concerned for them; I merely meant I am convinced I made the right choice in becoming vegetarian, and that due to it it also lowers my health risk. Between this and genetically altered and modified foods, and growth hormones injected into the meat, and the diseases, worms and other various bacteria and sickness you can get from eating meat, I think I made the right decision, not to mention my cholestral is likely next to nothing now,and that I lost 20 pounds since giving up meat.Surprisingly enough I don’t even miss it,and in fact, when I accidently ingested it(it was in a sauce) I had an aversion to it and spat it out! I was surprised how easily I adjusted, and it’s been 8 months so far!

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