Praying For Libya.

It is horrible to see on the news the carnage,bloodshed and massacre in Libya as the people protest,demonstrate and fight in the streets for their freedom and political reform, for dictator Khadafi to step down,and how the oppressive regime is killing them in the streets, even shooting them from the air,and many Libyan officials have resigned in protest of the gov’t violent retaliation, incl. fighter pilots who defected to Malta, refusing to kill their own people, and diplomats and other gov’t officials, and the Arab League has booted out Libya with the UN also considering a similar move in protest.Khadafi swears he will stay and die a martyr, and I’m sure someone will “oblige” him and assassinate him, perhaps even the CIA will send over someone, esp. since USA HAS sold weapons to Libya and now they can likely swoop in and take over and steal their oil, like they did in Iraq…this can be their next chance to send in their troops and wage war and take over another nation and steal their resources, esp. with an unstable gov’t!It really wouldn’t surprise me!!

When the revolution began in Egypt(which  was peacefully left alone by the gov’t for the most part and succeeded in reform and Mubarak’s resignation) it quickly spread throughout the Middle East, to Yemen, Jordan,Bahrain,Tunisia,and now Libya. In Bahrain and Libya the gov’t has clamped down violently, with the other nations left alone in their fight for reform. I can see the entire Arab world soon in a similar situation. Please pray for Libya and the others; for the people’s lives, safety, and freedom, that they be freed from tyranny, oppression, high unemployment, rising  food and tuition cost increases, and improved standards of living, wages and democracy.

In other news, please also pray for the people of New Zealand following a massive earthquake, and an update on the baby I’d posted about earlier, where the hospital got a court-order to remove his life-support despite objections from his parents; at first there seemed to be hope; it didn’t go ahead as planned and the parents were trying to get him transferred to a hospital out of the country,to USA, where they would try to keep him alive rather than kill him….but now the latest reports state that the parents and now BANNED from entering his hospital room(and from taking videos they hoped to show people as proof  what his condition is really like and why he shouldn’t be killed); security guards have been posted outside his door to keep them out, and the hospital is trying to stop the baby form being transferred; they are so eager to murder this poor baby.This is Big Brother state intrusion at it’s worst!! Please pray for him, his life to be spared,and his family. It’s horrible how they can do this, likely euthanasia will be soon legalized and they can kill anyone off they deem a “drain” on the system, too old, too sick, disabled, etc. parents have no legal rights anymore either, not even to protect their children.We are truly in the Culture of Death and in the Last Days.