Drunken Loser Boozers!

As if this dumb country isn’t already stupid enough, now they outdid themselves: going to LOOSEN the alcohol laws, when what they should do is be tightening them(in fact, I think they should just outlaw booze entirely; no good ever comes out of alcohol, and it serves no useful purpose) now instead of confining drinking to “beer tents” or fenced-in patio areas they are going to have it be freely unrestricted, which means that the rowdy, drunken losers can drink walking around in public, even at fairs and family events, and sporting events which are already drunken and rowdy enough as it is! It will also make underage drinking ad drunk driving even EASIER,and as it is already this stupid country already has the most lax drunk driving laws as it is; in other countries drunk drivers get years in PRISON, but here they merely lose their driver’s license for a couple of days!It’s become a national epidemic!! In comparison, selling and drinking raw(unpasteurized) milk is illegal…..yet they loosen the laws on public drinking? Yup, makes no sense! Typical of this gov’t.I bet it’s just the Liberal Party’s ploy for the upcoming fall election to get more votes; or at least votes from the losers, esp. as there certainly seems to be more of them than anyone else here! Rednecks are the majority!

Alcohol is the cause of most of society’s ills; drunk driving, bar fights, violence, domestic assaults, adultery, underage drinking,alcoholism, health issues, etc. it goes on and on. Why the gov’t is making it even easier is beyond me. They are also considering allowing booze to be more readily available, sold in grocery and corner stores, as opposed to specially designated booze stores. I say shut them ALL down and go back to Prohibition; at least then they didn’t make it EASY to buy booze and the inflated cost kept it lower as well. No wonder we’re known as a nation of beer-swilling hockey loving uncultured white trash drunken loser boozers! This is a disgrace! The gov’t bans, controls and regulates everything ELSE(incl. stupid things like plastic bags and lawn pesticides!)like a Nanny-State, yet they legalize sin and make it even more readily available and easier.No wonder I hate this country!! It SUCKS, and more and more all the time!!

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