I’m No Animal-Freak, But…..

I’m the farthest thing from an animal-freak, but I recently saw this disturbing and heartbreaking video about the meat industry; how animals are tortured and slaughtered and it made me glad I’m a vegetarian; I mean, of course I KNEW the animals were killed for meat(that’s obvious) but I wasn’t aware how brutal and cruel it actually WAS; I had assumed they were killed in a quick and humane manner but this is not the case; it showed how cute baby piglets were mercilessly slammed to the ground, heads stomped on, and male chicks(who are discarded as they cannot lay eggs) were separated and sorted and put alive  into grinding machines,chickens were grasped by the feet upside down and  scalded into boiling water to remove feathers while they were still alive,  baby calves were punched in the head until dead and cows had some electrical thing zapped into the top of their head and into their brain and then their throats were slit,and some animals were even skinned alive and left to die slow painful deaths. It made me glad I no longer eat meat, and I’m not an animal-freak by any means, but I AM human and I DO have feelings and compassion and this video was just sad and left a lasting impression.It was just wanton, senseless, unnecessary cruelty and it was heartbreaking.

Canada Continues To Suck!

Just when this country can’t get any dumber(or so you’d think,anyway) they have outdone themselves; after the gov’t s being critized for not making an effort to get it’s citizens out of Libya,of being half-assed and the people relying on the help from other countries to evacuate them, now THIS: first of all their excuse of not sending in a plane to get the citizens out was that it was too “risky”(well, no shit; it’s revolution going on, that’s why they’re being evacuated, duh!) and that their “insurance wouldn’t cover it.” So, then yesterday they sent in another plane(finally!) but failed to notify the people they were coming and said since no one was there at the airport and they couldn’t leave it there, it left, empty! How STUPID and brain-dead is THAT? now they say they’ll send another one out(yeah, “right!”) but I’ll believe that when I see it, and in the meantime a bunch of Canadians have been rescued either on their own initiative or on a ferry the Americans chartered to get their people out,and by a British Frigate.Canada has GOT to be the most USELESS country in the world!

As well as that, I read a good article in the newspaper where the writer claimed this country being called great” a “democracy” “freedom” “wonderful” etc. is a crock said by mindless brainwashed  goons;sheep that merely follow the herd; that it is NOT; it sucks and that the gov’t always bans, regulates and controls everything and that the gov’t doesn’t represent the people or what they want, but has it’s own agenda it passes without it being voted on. They’re right, and I could have written the exact same thing myself! I guess I’m not the only one who thinks it sucks here, I just can’t afford to move! 😦