Hubby got back from his week-long  business trip to USA; he went to Oklahoma,and he said it was too redneck, even for HIM, and that I’d absolutely HATE it there and would turn right around as soon as I got there and take the next flight out….to anywhere! A friend of mine asked why I didn’t go with him, and this is why; I have heard what it’s like and have NO desire to go there, don’t feel “jealous”, or like I’m missing out, believe me!! It’s like an entire STATE of “Bumble-Fuck!”when one small town(like where we live) of it is bad enough!

He said that they had loser bars everywhere ,where they go and get drunk and had loser country music playing everywhere you went,cow-tipping is what they do for fun(and yes,it’s exactly what it sounds like; toppling over sleeping cows!) and that Wal-Mart was the only store there(sounds like here, heh, heh!) and they even looked like typical hillbillies,too; with missing, gap-spaced, crooked and yellow teeth and the skin-crawling drawls of “y’all!” and “yee-haw!”! I am sooo glad I stayed home!

All his flights were delayed, either due to snow or not enough oxygen masks on board(seems he’s “inherited” MY bad luck!),and he had only 10 min. between connections! He laughed to see at the airport next to the bathroom in Texas(where he connected on the way back) there was a tornado shelter, as if it was a usual ordinary every day thing, and said he wasn’t subjected to the intrusive naked body scanners or strip search(just the usual scanner that looks like a door frame) likely as he’s a white businessman(if he were an Arab then it would have been a different story!)! The next trip is MINE; to the Caribbean, in just 5 weeks! Yahoo! Here we COME!!