Mark Of The Beast.

I read a news report that said US President Obama is hoping to implement a Big Brother Police State plan where citizens are systematically implanted with microchips where they can be tracked and monitored by gov’t authorities. They are said to be implanted in the forehead or in the right hand, which interesting are the exact spots mentioned in the Bible  Book of Revelation, saying about the Mark of the Beast, where Satan’s worldly followers are “branded”; the ones that don’t go along with God but with the sinful world. It is prophecized that those without the marks will be unable to buy, sell, or trade and will be outcast and targeted for attack,and driven into isolation, as they follow God and not the sinful world. Obama’s “Mark of the Beast” are to incl. people’s personal info such  as their health records,credit rating, social insurance number, any police records,and the like, and where the gov’t can track and monitor people, keeping tabs of them ad their actions, activities, political affiliations, people and groups they associate with,religious activities, whereabouts,etc. which can also be used to monitor and trace homeschoolers or any other group they consider “fringe”, radical, anti-gov’t, etc. and to keep track of people’s vaccinations and to contact parents and force them to bring their kids in for vaccinations, even against their will,and you won’t be able to live “underground” private lives away from the Nanny State’s prying intrusive eyes once you have been marked, either, as they, like GPS, will always know where you are and can find you. This is a scary and chilling prospect, and eerily sounds like the Biblical Mark of the Beast in horrifying details, where people’s privacy, rights, freedoms(incl. freedom of mobility) will all be taken away by the authorities.Where personal info can be  viewed and shared, regardless whether or not the people want , or agree, for it to be. If it were me and my family(luckily we’re not in USA, but sadly Canada is USA’s obedient little “puppet” that meekly and blindly follows everything they do and tell us to do,so it’s just a matter of time before it comes here,too) we would refuse; we would NOT accept the Mark of the Beast. We know what it is, and what it stands for,and we are for God and NOT for Satan and his earthly organization, and as well, we don’t agree with infringements on our rights and freedoms by the gov’t,either; we would simply “fly under the radar” and go underground, refusing such a mark and what it represents. We are to be of God and not of the world!