The Culture Of Death.

This world and society we live in is truly the culture of death. Life is not valued or protected but treated as disposable, worthless,and inconvenient. Between abortion, euthanasia and other various forms of murder killing has become epidemic. A disturbing news story I read is of a 13 Month old baby, comatose and in a vegetative state since birth due to a rare neurological disorder, he has been on life-support and the hospital has wanted to pull the plug and kill him, against his parents’ wishes. It went to court and the judge actually AGREED with the hospital and gave an order to over-rule the parents and kill him; to remove him off life support,and on Monday on Family Day no less! How horrible! Parents have NO legal rights anymore,and this judge was a woman,too, no doubt a typical anti-life femi-nazi(I wonder if SHE were the one on life support if she’d want to be killed,too?)  This is just heartbreaking, sad, evil and sick. The parents at least had requested they put in a trach so they could at least take him home to die, but they even refused that. How cruel and heartless can people BE? My heart breaks for this poor family. It will likely come to the point where people won’t even bring their loved ones to the hospital anymore, for fear they will kill them. So much for trying to help people and save lives. This is truly the culture of death.Now they are killing babies both before and after birth. Who will be next? No one is safe; if you are deemed a “drain” on the healthcare system you too could be exterminated; if you are too sick, too old, too handicapped, etc. or maybe even if you are feeble-minded(and  over 90% of Down Syndrome babies are murdered before birth) or of a different race, etc. like Nazi eugenics. Chilling possibilities…

Kudos To The Kid!

I am not a Justin Bieber fan. I think his music is gay(and when I first heard a song of his I honestly thought it was a girl!) he sounds like a little girl, and I think his hair looks ridiculous and I don’t see what the Bieber Fever is all about,think it’s outrageous he’s worth100$ million and  is buying a helicopter at age 16, BUT…I admire the kid. Rolling Stone magazine recently interviewed him on some heavy topics and he responded well, shows he has ethics and morals and stood up for what he believes in and I admire him for him and now have a new respect for him.He spoke out against sex before marriage and said you should wait to do it with someone you love, knew abortion is murder and said he doesn’t believe in it as it’s killing a baby, and says the American health care sucks as you have to pay and owe medical debt for years,and the oppressive system in North Korea is bad.I think he showed wisdom beyond his years and is well grounded in what’s right and wrong and publically admitted it, which isn’t easy, esp. when it’s an unpopular opinion in the eyes of the world. It’s also good as like it or not he is a role model to many young people; they look up to and admire him and follow him,and when they hear from their teen “idol” sex before marriage and abortion is wrong they are likely to listen to him and follow it as well; he is a good example in this regard.I say kudos to the kid! A job well done and I hope he stays grounded and doesn’t lose his moral compass.

Don’t Dress Like A Slut!

On the news they said a policeman spoke at a university that has a history of frequent sexual assaults recently and gave the logical advice “Don’t dress like a slut.” Sounds logical to me and it’s the truth. It might not be politically correct but he’s right; if you advertise, show your parts and dress like a slut you’re asking to be raped. It’s that simple. You should cover up and dress modestly. Dressing like a slut is like flaunting your body in front of leering men and saying “Come and get it boys!” Now the cop is in trouble and was reprimanded because people got “offended” and thought it was inappropriate and complained. I notice whenever people speak the truth people get offended.They likely don’t want to be told they’re skanks and to hear  that they are responsible for how men see them and treat them when they dress and act this way. I don’t see what the big fuss is; it’s quite simple,really,and not dressing like a slut goes a long way in lessening the chances of an attack.I say good for him for saying it the way it is and they need to hear it. A little precaution and safety goes a long way and this is practical advice.If you don’t want negative and unwanted attention don’t go looking for it.


I heard on the news there is a pack of coyotes in this area and that they killed a small dog. Our dogs are outdoors most of the time(inside overnight) so we have to keep a closer eye on them! I know we live out in the country but this still somewhat surprised me. I have seen several raccoons, skunks, chipmunks, groundhogs, squirrels and even a few deer, but this is something else. There have even been bear reports at times as well(not now, however, they’re hibernating) Not too likely they’d be able to jump our high fences and get into the enclosed yard though, and I’d think they’d come out more at night(when the dogs are indoors) and not too likely to come too close to people, but we’re keeping an extra “eye” out just in case, although in all honestly I really wouldn’t care if they got Wilson; that thing is one nasty beast; aggressive and vicious and I wouldn’t miss it one bit; I hate that dog,and meeting a violent end for such a fierce dog would be sort of ironic.It’s also a good thing I don’t leave the kids out in the backyard(or anywhere outside for that matter) alone though; coyotes have been known to attack people,too, we just have to be more watchful.Such is country life, I guess.

Pre-Surgery, Circa 1981-1982

Hideous, yes, I know. An old friend of mine found this old picture of me from either 1981-1982 when I was 14-15 years old and posted it on her Facebook. I looked even uglier then than I do now as this was pre-surgery, before I had my enormous boobs reduced, before the nose job to fix my little piggy nose with the thick top and turned-up snout,and before I had my thin barely-there lips plumped up. I also had one of those famous ugly 1980’s hairstyles. Also note the old-fashioned phone and the outrageous “loud” shirt. I can’t believe we went out in PUBLIC like that! The 80’s were a strange time, with hideous clothes and hair! I looked even worse then than I do now! I shuddered and laughed when I saw this horrible old photo.I looked like such an ugly bitch even I’M tempted to smack myself upside the head! No wonder everyone hated me and bullied me looking like that; so ugly!

A Catholic Commune.

I came across a Catholic apostolate community/commune that I found interesting yet also in a way more like rehab or prison. It is isolated out in the country, without banking services(not even an ATM) and no computer access, TV, or cell phone reception. It is for retreats and as well they have a full-time community living and working on the compound. It involves simple living such as gardening, farming, wood chopping, etc. I like how it is austere, spiritually-centred,has high standards for dress and conduct, and emphasis on worship(they have daily Mass)study, classes and instruction, no meat(they only eat fruit, grains and vegetables), are up early,duties,etc. but are harsh too in the way they only have an outhouse and only allowed to shower ONCE a WEEK! I was thinking it might be a good preparation in a way for my future plan of doing missionary work in Africa in a few years once all the kids are grown and left home….

As well, at Mass Sunday they read a letter from the Arch Bishop which stated due to declining church attendence and shortage of priests,and to cut down on expenses by “combining” churches, they will be closing down some parishes and eliminating some Masses. Not too likely they’d close down our church since it’s the only Catholic church in this hick town, but I do have an uneasy fear that they may phase out the Sunday 17:00 Mass WE go to(although it has been there for the past 27 years and we DO have 2 priests, whereas some places they have to share priests; they travel from parish to parish within communities) and I hope NOT since the other options(Saturday 17:00 and 2 early morning Masses Sunday morning) are NOT convenient for us.Oh, boy….what now?

Valentine’s Surprise!

Today when I woke up I got a nice Valentine’s Day surprise from my hubby:He gave me a card, a box of chocolates(Hershey’s, which taste like soap but he didn’t know and it’s the thought that counts, and the kids can eat them!) and a cute stuffed toy: 2 purple hippos on top of a heart pillow! I LOVE hippos! They are one of my fave. animals! I was really surprised and liked it. As for him, I made him a home-made card,and as for his gift, let’s just say it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long,and not something I would post about publically, wink, wink!!

As well, I ended up getting another surprise: my funky shoes arrived from Hong Kong today too! I LOVE them! They look like feet and it’s tricky getting each toe in(like getting kids’ fingers into their gloves!) but it feels like a second skin and will be perfect for our upcoming(6 weeks away!) Caribbean trip; perfect for walking on the slippery deck of the sailboats, on the hot sand and pebbles at the beach, for walking tours, in the sea,’s sort of like surfing  shoes.It’s so funky, unusual and unique and I LOVE it!