Everything I Ever Needed To Know….

Everything I ever needed to know I learned from my grandmother, or at least, everything about birds and flowers. She would have been 99 years old this year if she was still alive; she died just 3 months before she turned 93. She had a nice garden in her backyard and although not a lot of property(typical in Toronto) her yard was long and narrow and she had flowers of every sort all along both sides;roses, iris, peony,daffodil,etc.. I can still picture it in my mind today. I loved to visit her and she would always cut me fresh flowers and lilacs and wrap the stems in wet paper towel for me to bring home. She taught me everything I know about flowers and birds.Thanks to her I have a pretty good knowledge of flowers and can identify many types and know how to properly garden and how to care for plants and flowers. I can also identify a bird by it’s song and by the way it looks. I have now also taught my kids about flowers and birds, passing on the knowledge she has taught me; like a family legacy.I can still remember the big lilac bushes in her yard and they are still my fave. flowers; I just love the smell of them! We now have a small lilac bush in our yard but nothing like hers; ours had 6 pathetic blooms last year.Hers had hundreds and back in the 70’s hers didn’t bloom until August; now ours generally does in May, so I guess the temperatures have warmed up since then or summer comes sooner? I am thankful for what she taught me; the only thing I didn’t appreciate was she always gave me disgusting cod liver oil, and now when I see flowers or birds or find myself teaching my kids I think of her.

The Factory Has Now Shut Down.

The factory has shut down. The shop is closed. It is the end of an era. After 11 kids and now being 44 years old my “womb for rent” is out of business. I am done having kids. I do miss it, and spent many years of my life prego, breastfeeding, having and raising kids and now it feels weird with no more babies. Our youngest is now 4 years old and after my high BP(175/150) and  the liver problem I developed with him(and he had to be induced at 37 weeks to prevent stillbirth) it has a 90% chance of recurring, only earlier in the pregnancy(it started at 35 weeks last time) and the outcome for the baby may not be so lucky next time. My age and high risks also put me at increased chance of having a Down Syndrome baby. All things considered, plus my 4 year old is an unholy terror and honestly I can’t take another one like that(God sure knew what He was doing when He saved him for my last!)and am just not “up” for the demands of a new baby anymore; the exhaustion of nursing and overnight feedings, it’s best that it’s over now, even though I do feel a sad loss that it’s really over I have come to accept it.

I follow a blog where a woman lost a baby at 23 weeks and is now losing another one at 17 weeks. This is heartbreaking and a good reminder to me why it’s best I’m done having kids; I also no longer have the intense risk, stress, fear and worry anymore now either that goes along with it. I no longer have to fear miscarriages(I have had 6 of them), losing babies, defects, complications, SIDS, etc.In this way it’s a relief, even though I still do miss it. I also know it’s better this way. We still don’t believe in or use birth control but I know it’s over now, esp. since it took 3 years to even GET prego with the last one, so, all things considering  I think it’s safe to say we are done now.

Chunky Knitted Sweaters.

I love chunky knitted sweaters. In the 80’s my grandmother had knitted me quite a few of them and I loved them, but sadly they were all lost in the fire(which started in my bedroom where they were; I lost EVERYTHING except what I was wearing; I even ran out barefoot!) 16 years ago and she died a few years ago(at age 92) so was unable to make me any more.Even following the fire her eyesight was failing and she was no longer able to knit anymore. Whenever I see sweaters like that it reminds me of her, esp. the Nordic/Icelandic ones that she made me, which are my faves. It makes me miss her even more. I miss my sweaters and I miss her. She was very talented; she could knit, crochet(she made us afghans as well) sew, make clothes, bedsheets, drapes,and even built a deck in her backyard! She was an avid gardener and was good at math.She was a strong amazing woman ahead of her time(she even drove!), but righteous and moral at the same time. I have fond childhood memories of her. Recently I got a couple of similar sweaters at a second-hand shop and it made me think of her. I only have photos left now of her and of the sweaters she made me with love. I miss my sweaters and I miss her; the two will always be interconnected.

The Adventures Of The Travelling Chair.

I was just thinking and remembering the other day about a radio station I used to listen to when we lived in another city and how they had this funny thing they did where they had this old garden chair(like the one pictured here) and listeners would take it with them when they went on holidays and took photos of the chair on it’s travels. I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever for some reason,and it was so funny to see the various photos of people posing with the chair in different locations and how it became this big contest where people won the priveledge to have the chair(I think it was for like a week at a time) and borrow it for a time and take it along with them on their trips and take photos with it. It was just the funniest, craziest thing ever,and the first time I’d ever heard of such a thing, but I had fun following it’s travels and thought it was hilarious.Now I sort of feel like that chair, with all my travels and my Vans checkered shoes can relate to it as well, they have been to 25 countries, walked in many cities and have even gotten soaked in the Caribbean Sea! Them and the chair can get together and compare travel notes and remember their trips!

I Want To Know About…

The 7 YR old is now reading the “I Want To Know About” books series before bed every night. We got a bunch of them used at a garage sale or a used book store(I forget) somewhere,and it brings me back to my own childhood as I used to have the exact SAME books as a kid! I belonged to a book club and every month they would mail me out a new book in a thick brown cardboard wrap and I eagerly looked forward to it each month and as I waited I would read the previous book over and over. I had at least 20-30 books in the series when I was done and had read them all. They were originally produced in 1972 when I was 5 years old, so some of the info is outdated now(esp. regarding science, and there’s no mention of computers!) but some is timeless, such as about nature or the human body.I enjoy laying beside her in bed as we read together, reminding me of when I was a kid and I still enjoy reading to this day. Nothing is better than sitting out in the sun reading a good book.My fave. topic in the books was dogs as a kid.I still like the old books and the old drawings and unlike many books today there’s nothing immoral or inappropriate in the old books, either.

I Love This Guy!

This is the new Webkinz hippo called Hippie Hippo. I love it for many reasons, because I love hippos, I love purple and I like Hippie styles.I only have a few Webkinz(but the girls have about 20-25 EACH!) I just have my faves, like the rainbow armadillo,tye-dye puppy, and the Pug, but I want to get this guy,too! He is so neat! He just got released this month and we get everything late and last here in Bumble-Fuck, so likely not for awhile yet still but I MIGHT be able to find him at the airport in the city next week….

First Place!!

Good news! Our 9 year old won BOTH best design AND fastest car at the Kub Kars race today but she wasn’t “allowed” to win both so they had her choose and she chose fastest and got a “gold” trophy of a car! As well she won for best design for the logo/ patch for Kub Kars I believe they said is used world-wide or at least across the country! This is justice and sweet victory esp. after they gave us a hassle and disqualified her original car; this car that won was made in just one day; the last minute re-do! In their FACE, ha ha! We sure showed them! Our kids are so creative, and it is also a testimony to homeschooling as well!(doing the happy dance of joy now.)