The Worst 3 Sins In The World Today.

 I was telling the 7 YR old about what is right and what is wrong according to God. I explained to her that nowadays the worst 3 sins most prevelant in the world today are sex, alcohol(or any intoxicants), and gambling. Sex is first and foremost as it is the most abused and misused. Society has perverted what God has made holy between a husband and wife for the purpose of procreation and have defiled it. Examples are: sleeping around(sluts), homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia, incest, adultery,prostitution,cross-dressing, orgies, birth control, abortion,etc. society today is obsessed with illicit sex and it is rampant everywhere,sex-saturated; on TV, ads, commercials, movies, shoved down our throats, directed at our kids; it permeates every single part of Western culture.Society has become sex-crazed and obsessed! Perversion is seen as “normal”, and being chaste, modest and limiting and regulating sex to God’s purpose(and living a controlled sex life within the bonds of marriage) is ridiculed and seen as strange and weird.What is bad is seen as good and what is good is seen as bad.

Alcohol is another of society’s worst and unnecessary  sins and social ills, causing drunkenness, drunk driving, domestic abuse,underage drinking, inhibitions,brawls, obnoxious behaviour and the like.Just look at all the drunken rednecks at a sporting event and you get the idea. People are now brainwashed into thinking they can’t have “fun” or “party” without alcohol. It is splashed all over commercials and other ads, on TV, in movies, encouraged everywhere as a “normal” part of life and those who shun it are seen as outcasts, goody-two-shoes, and freaks. Gambling is also another major sin in society; cards, casinos, BINGO, horse racing, lotteries, etc; encouraging greed, dishonesty and cheating, and not trusting in God to provide your needs. Many families are broken and destroyed due to alcohol and gambling addictions  and therefore so is society.

The evil influence of the occult is also worth a mention here as it it also has infiltrated everything and seems esp. aimed at our kids. Kids’ TV shows, movies, games, trading cards, books, curriculum, etc. is inundated with it. Hallowe’en(which glorifies Satan and the demons) is becoming more popular than Christmas.”Harry Potter” books are a good example here; how they are popular and get kids into the occult.I can’t even count the amount of TV shows, movies etc. I have forbidden my kids to see due to strong occult influences as the Bible commands us to avoid everything to do with the occult.You are either for God or you are for Satan; you can’t have it both ways!

Sadly society today is nothing but a perverse cesspool of evil, sin,debauchery, and ungodly and bad influence.If these 3 main sins were eliminated so would all of society’s problems, incl. crime and broken families.Unfortunately, governments make a lot of $$$$ off sin(think of all the taxes they get off alcohol and smoking, for example) so it’s not too likely it will be discouraged or eliminated any time soon, at least not until Jesus returns…


Is this an “Awwww!” picture, or what? Reminds me of The Balcony Kiss when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married so many years ago. I hope they will be very happy; that they have a good and long happy marriage and will “live happily ever after…”

Compare The Gowns!

The battle of the gowns! For a comparison here is Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Which do you prefer, hers or Kate’s? Which design do you like best? Diana’s from 1981 or Kate’s from today? I pick Diana’s as I like how it “pouffs”, I like the lace,little ribbons and bow on the sleeves,the ruffle along the neck,the billowing skirt, and that the neckline is modest and not low cut.When you think of every little girl’s “Princess” dream wedding gown this one comes to mind.

The Dress!!!!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are now officially husband and wife….and now what we’ve all been waiting for(you know it,ladies!!) here is a glimpse of Kate’s wedding dress, and I have to say I am a bit disappointed as I expected it to be somewhat fancier and the neckline is too low-cut; it should be more modest. It looks ok I guess(I like the lace) but I liked Princess Diana’s a lot more; it was “pouffier” and fancier and just had an overall “Princess” look to it. Kate’s seems to be more “simple” and the low neckline isn’t “regal”or appropriate. I was hoping for something that made me hold my breath and go, “Wow!” Oh, well.

You Don’t Know Jack!

You don’t know Jack is surprisingly rising in the polls. You don’t know Jack could become the official leader of the Opposition if he maintains this momentum. You don’t know Jack might even become the new Prime Minister! It surprises me that Jack Layton(leader of the NDP) is doing as well as he is in the latest polls(and the federal election is in just 3 more days!) so much so that the NDP might even actually have a CHANCE to form the next gov’t in one capacity or another, and this is a party that was always historically last(except for the Green Party, which is fringe,anyway and only a bunch of old hippies and eco-freaks votes for,anyway) discounted and a vote was considered a “waste” on,and now they are surging ahead in popularity, but will the same be said on the ballots,which is the result that really matters in the end.As it stands now, the Conservatives are at the top, with the NDP becoming a close second and the Liberals last at about 13%.

The NDP are basically Socialists and I’m not a supporter(I hope the Conservatives win a majority) but I still prefer them above the corrupt Liberals, who are by far the WORST of the lot; the most corrupt, highest taxing, always had an agenda and who’s aim from day one was to bring down the gov’t, grab power,form reckless coalitions(even with the Separatist Bloc Quebecois, whose aim is to break up the country!) and force an election no one wanted, so it would serve them right if they came in dead LAST, at the bottom of the barrel, and having NO gov’t capacity,power, or say  whatsoever. They would deserve it if the Conservatives win a majority and that the NDP become the Opposition, with the Liberals left out in the cold. I am SOOOO hoping this is what happens! My hubby says if the NDP actually WINS the country will be so badly in debt, and although I’m no fan of them(even though of the  party leaders Layton does seem to come across as the most “likeable” person as an individual,disregarding the party platforms, with Ignatieff the most smug and annoying; a sneering pompous blow-hard I just want to punch right in the mouth!)I would still prefer to see them beat the Liberals just for the sheer sake of beating the Liberals and putting them in their place; it’s a matter of strategic politics! Not always necessarily who you want to WIN, but who you DON’T want to win!We’ll find out on Monday…

Royal Wedding Fever.

 Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding. No, I won’t be waking up at 5am to watch like I did with Charles and Diana(that was 30 years ago and I need more sleep now, not less!) but I will see it on the news reports afterwards.(I think my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, ha ha!) My hubby doesn’t get what’s so important about it and why people care so much(and that some 2 BILLION will be watching it) and why it has so much news coverage(that’s the way *I* feel about loser sports!!)but I totally understand it; with so much bad news lately(Japan, Libya, Syria, and now the tornadoes in the US)people want a GOOD and happy news story for once, something to cheer them up. It is also a piece of history; seeing a future king get married,and others saw his parents get married, others are Monarchists and fans of the Royal Family, and yet others want to see what gown Kate will be wearing(myself among them but I can wait and see it replayed on the news later)and others just get swept away with the tide and follow along with the crowd with what’s popular at the moment.My hubby thinks some stupid loser hockey finals are more important which *I* think are meaningless, redneck and who the hell cares?Put it this way, when the Royal Wedding news comes on the nightly news reports I listen, but when sports comes on I mute it! I think it divides and defines  those who are refined and cultured and those who are not.

I just hope Prince William and Kate will have a long and happy marriage, not like his parents. I also hope her “party days” are behind her; I have read reports she used to party and drink and go to wild orgies. I hope she has indeed changed and is proper and respectable now(no longer a drunken party  whore) and that this won’t lead to another scandal for the Royals. I too think this is a feel-good story, a fairy tale romance that all girls dream of.I hope they will be happy,and oh, yeah, I can’t wait to see her gown! Will it be as lovely as Diana’s? I think they are the younger, new generation of Royals, and Kate will always unfortunately be compared to Princess Diana though….can she measure up to, or even exceed, Diana and  the people’s expectations? I hope so.I hope the glare of the spotlight, the scrutiny, the life in a “fish bowl” and the protocol of the Royals won’t destroy her like it did with Diana…

The Opposite End Of The Jackpot.

 I am always at the opposite end of the jackpot. I am a living breathing,walking,talking Murphy’s Law. If anything can go wrong for me, it will, and it always does. I seriously think I am a “jinx”, cursed with bad luck. I am not what you’d call a superstitious person, but I have no other way to explain my bad luck. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small, things just don’t work for me and always go wrong. A recent example is the other day when I spent an HR trying to take a photo of a Blue Jay and every time I got close enough to get a good shot I’d either trip on something, step on a squeaky toy or snapping twig and scare it away, or the camera kept shutting down and then the battery died. I can’t BELIEVE my bad luck with EVERYTHING! It never fails.

I am also always  the unlucky statistic; always  the rare and unusual one out of a 1000; the rare reaction, exception, side-effect,complication,etc. and always end up with all the inferior, broken,defective, recalled or pieces missing products. It never fails. Even on the trip in our cabin our hair dryer, safe,TV remote, toilet, sink and shower didn’t work; we had problems with all of them. Our bad luck even follows us on vacation. I have also had more than my fair share of traumas ranging from a  kid with cancer, our house burning down, being abused,etc.. Life is so unfair and certain people(like me) always seem to get the shaft and end up with the short end of the stick in life.

People have often told me that they “don’t believe in bad luck” but my life has taught me the opposite.My life has ALWAYS been plagued with bad luck, for as long as I can remember; like some sort of family curse. Others say you “make” your own “luck”, others say it’s “karma”; that you are being punished for your sins of a “past” life, and yet others say it is God punishing you or Satan tormenting you for being loyal to God. Even my own son says I’m to blame for my own bad luck(as if it’s something I WANT and actively desire! HAH!) with my “negative attitude” and self-fulfilling prophecy, but with all the things that constantly go wrong and are guaranteed to go wrong(I have learned to hope for the best but expect the worst) how could I NOT have a negative attitude? You can only be plagued by non-stop misfortune for so long before it weighs down on you.Life is so hard for me.Everything is always a struggle for me.What others take for granted and  comes easy for them is out of my reach.It truly feels like the universe is out to “get” me. I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY bad things just always keep on happening to me. All I know is I DON’T want it, don’t make it happen, wish it didn’t and am tired of it,and of being blamed for it. How do I make it STOP? When will things start to go right for once and just work out? Haven’t I suffered enough? When is my break? Where is the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow?

A Home For A Gnome.

These are our other 2 garden gnomes and their mushroom friend.These ones are next to the diving board. As well as the gnomes we also have a scarecrow and an owl on the other side of the diving board(they scare the birds and other critters away from my flower boxes along the poolside I have starting in May) and a 3 foot Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary statues in the other garden in the back, behind the kids’ swing set, living among the lilac bush, tulips, lilies, and peonies.We now have quite a few garden “creatures” and decorations.Our other 3 gnomes are next to the pool beside the bench, nestled in a garden area with the climbing vines,bleeding hearts, berry bushes,ferns, and hosta.

Homes For Gnomes.

 Here are 3 of our new garden gnomes. These little guys live in the garden area beside the pool.When I was away hubby e-mailed me he got 2 gnomes and a mushroom and I thought the mushroom would be tacky and told him to return it and get another gnome instead, but when I got back and actually saw it, it wasn’t that bad; it’s ok and it gets to stay. After that, we got these 3 more, now for a grand total of 5 gnomes and 1 mushroom.My son had joked that he would only visit us for Easter if we got the gnomes so he had to come afterall….and he DID!

Spring Is A Time Of Renewal.

 Spring is a time of renewal, of new birth, new beginnings and all things new, so it was quite appropriate when I came back from my trip that I had a couple of new things awaiting me: a new book, a new CD, and a renewal of a fave. TV show that had(or so they’d originally thought,anyway) had a series finale and ended for good. I got to read part 2 (out of 3) of the latest Beverly Lewis’  Amish-themed series “The Judgment”(part 3 comes out in September), and I also got Robbie Robertson’s newest CD(his first in like 10 YEARS!)  and “Little People Big World” will be returning to TV! Yay! On top of that, on the cruise I read part 2 of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and am now looking for the final part “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” except it’s only in hardcover now and I REFUSE to pay 30$ for a book and will wait until it comes out in paperback for 12.99$.Yes, I know, I’m cheap, but why pay 30$ for the same book you can get for much less? As well as the book I am now also looking forward to Lenny Kravitz’s new CD coming out soon….