Scottish Gee.

 This is my Scotty dog I got when I was 4-5 years old. I named him “Scottish Gee”, as that’s how Scottish people say “Scottish guy”.He is my only childhood toy to survive this long. He is beaten and broken yet a survivor, like I am. He has survived some 18 moves, a fire, and a few surgeries(that I performed) and has a floppy neck and a blind eye. He was my favourite toy and the only thing left of my childhood other than some photos.I’m surprised he’s still around after all he(and I) has been thru. He’s a senior citizen now and shows his age and wear and tear but he’s still in my bedroom, a faithful and loyal soldier who has stood by me all these years and has weathered the storms of life just as I have and he is still treasured and loved. ♥

Bad Luck May.

 May has always been a bad luck month for us. Bad things have always happened in May. Most people in our family have died in May. Our house burnt down in May. We were terrorized by an enemy in May. Our dog died in May. My mother lost a job in May. Our van got broken into in May,and so it goes. It is always a month we dread and this May is no different only this time instead of one BIG thing it is a few smaller things yet still bad things: we had to return both our new microwave and blender as they didn’t work, we have to make costly house repairs to get insurance coverage,where our daughter’s living had a tornado warning last night and they were advised to seek shelter for 20 minutes, and now our pool is leaking….again….just like LAST May,too! I noticed it was 1-2 inches lower so I re-filled it with a hose for 3-4 HRS and it was fine yet an HR later it was back down to the same level again and then I re-filled it again and the same thing happened; no matter what water I put in it just seems to be leaking out! It must be an underground leak as we can’t SEE any water,and the last time it was well below the skimmer level, dangerously close to being at the point where the pump will burn out….I think we’re going to have to keep the hose running continuously 24 HRS a day to keep up with the leak,and we will have a monster water bill(but less than if we had to replace the pump again like we did recently, it was either last year or the year before; I forgot, but it WAS in May I think…) but what else can we DO? We had the leak specialist in last year and he was an idiot…and it’s still leaking.My hubby says shut down the pool but no WAY, esp. when this week it’s supposed to get to 30C and feel like 40C! Thankfully May is almost over and it fills us with dread every year wondering what will befall us…it’s almost over,it’s almost over….

Confirmation Update.

Confirmation went well. There were 48 teens being Confirmed. They also got to make and wear long red sashes over their white robes that look like graduation robes and smell like hospital linens! The only bad thing is my hubby is sick(seems like the Flu) but still went anyway as it’s not optional to miss it, no matter what! We dressed fancy but it appalled me how awful and inappropriate lots of people were dressed; in shorts, jeans, T-shirts,flip-flops, etc. and one whore had this black micro-mini dress that went up to her thighs! I mean, who comes to Church dressed like that? It’s bad enough anywhere but even worse there!! It was disgusting and shows a lack of respect for God and His house.What do you expect though with the rednecks in THIS town? All in all it went well, and afterwards they had a little reception with cake, chips, cheese and little desserts!

Confirmation Day!

 Today our 13 YR old and almost 12 YR old get Confirmed! They have been studying, working and preparing hard since October or so to receive this Sacrament, doing their workbooks, going to Parish classes, and a retreat. They will be Confirmed by the Archbishop, the same one who Confirmed me many years ago when he was the bishop at the time. Even though I have moved since then so has he and once again we meet! Our 16 YR old will be their sponser. They will now have the Holy Spirit and will be more “mature” in their faith. It is a big step in their Christian walk! Congrats!!

Model Airplanes and Microwaves.

 The Air Cadets had their Annual Parade night and both our 15 YR old AND 13 YR old won prizes for best design; she won first place and he won second place for their model planes! Hers was a model of the Wright Brother’s plane and his was a German war plane.Our kids often DO win prizes in best design for the Kub Kars as well as they are very creative and use their imagination, which is yet another testimony to homeschooling and the freedom, flexibility and artistic expression that it allows.Their imaginations are not “confined” and don’t have to fit a mold and be like everyone else.

As well, our microwave broke now too; smoking and smelling burnt(We just had to exchange our blender the other day and we only had THAT 2 weeks!) and we’ve only had it for about 3 months or so, so we had to get another one of those too, luckily 20% off. I seriously think we MUST be “cursed” and “jinx” everything; what else would explain our never-ending bad luck and everything always being defective and breaking all the time and never working? Even brand NEW stuff! What else would possibly explain it? Either that, or we emit some mysterious “current” of some sort that “fries” electrical appliances, or else we just have seriously bad luck?I have also heard that demons can travel thru electricity…. How can it be explained? Why is it ALWAYS us? Fortunately we keep the receipts and even the boxes too, anticipating it as we KNOW things won’t work out and always go wrong for us and therefore assume we will have to be returning and exchanging it which we always have to.Our 16 YR old recently got 2 new games and THEY don’t work either. Why is it I’m NOT surprised?

We got a Justin Bieber pinata for our annual After School party in June as well, and no, we’re not fans; we got it for the sheer gratification of being able to whack the crap out of him! 🙂

A “Mother” Heart.

 I have a “Mother” heart. I just  heard on the news the horrifying story of a Serb war criminal who oversaw the genocide of Muslim refugees, men and boys, teens and even as young as 10 years old.His troops also forced parents to kill their own children, among other atrocities. It broke my heart and I imagined what if they had been MY sons?That could have happened to my boys if we were living there. These were mothers’ CHILDREN!! Whenever I hear a tragic story about kids I think of my own kids that age, and imagining  what if it had been them? This is what having a Mother heart is. You personally identify with every horrible story you hear about a kid. You feel the united pain of another unknown yet still kindred mother who has lost her child. You put yourself in her place. You imagine the fear of losing your own kids. It is a painful reminder of what can happen and our Mother hearts bleed.Every wailing siren fills us with dread; is it our kid? Is our kid still safe?

Every news story I hear breaks my heart: the 10 year old girl who was murdered, the 12 year old girl who’s body they found. The 18 YR old critically injured at a recent explosion at a highschool. The 14 YR old shot and killed at his school. The kids killed in war, in protests, in bombings,in terrorist attacks, in shootings, those who are abused, molested,in foster care,abandoned,orphaned, killed,babies who are stillborn,kids who die of cancer, in car accidents,in fires,in natural disasters, in drownings,riding their bikes,kids who are abducted, etc. and so it goes. It goes on and on and my poor Mother heart grieves for each one and each horror story makes me shudder with fear and worry about my own kids’ safety even more.

I read somewhere once that being a mother is like “having your heart living outside your body” and it’s true. My oldest turns 22(the same age I was when he was born!!) this year and he’s living on his own in a big city, away at university, a man now, yet I STILL worry about him and his safety and his future. Will he be a victim of crime? An accident? Is he safe in the big city all alone? Will he be mugged? Shot?Stabbed?Pushed in front of a Metro train? Will he find a good job, a safe place to live, in a good neighbourhood, is he eating right, when he gets sick I worry; is it serious? Will he meet and marry a good woman? etc.and whenever I hear of a tragedy in his city befalling someone his age my heart stops a little and I hold my breath in fear as I listen/look for the name, to reassure myself it wasn’t him! He scoffs at my concern but a  mother *NEVER* stops worrying no matter how old her kids are and her Mother heart never stops beating…or being pierced by tragedies of other kids that could just have as easily been her own.

The Retarded Lilac Bush.

I think our lilac bush must be retarded. Last year we had like 7 or so blooms on it but NOTHING this year at ALL, not even one! What the hell? It’s not too soon either as lilacs are in bloom now all over the neighbourhood….just not ours and there’s not even a single bloom on it; not just that hasn’t opened yet; there’s none there at ALL! It figures.(Meanwhile, the apple blossoms from next door keep dropping in our pool and it’s maddening; I have to keep scooping them out 2-3 times a DAY!! It’s so annoying! I hate it!)

The kids brought me back a huge armful of lilacs the other day during their walk. I love them; they have been my fave, flower since I was like 4 years old.I still remember my grandmother’s majestic bushes in her back yard and how she’d clip them and give me some to bring home and how she instilled in me my love and knowledge of flowers. I put them in 2 huge vases; one in the kitchen and one in the diningroom and I love how when I come downstairs first thing in the morning I can smell their sweet aroma! It gently wafts thru the house.I equally love the scent outside as well, travelling along with a breeze. I just love their smell, and the pretty colour. Too bad they only last for 2 weeks, and cut placed  in vases I have to keep replacing them every 2 days as they die.I can remember as a kid climbing up the bushes and snatching them up on the way home from school, getting scratches all over my arms and legs but it was worth it. Sometimes I even got chased by an irate homeowner, and by a cop one time even too! I loved them then and I still do,and always will.

Increased Natural Disasters In The Last Days?

 All the natural disasters recently(wildfires in Alberta, floods in Quebec, Manitoba and along the Mississippi, tornadoes in USA, earthquakes in Haiti, Japan, New Zealand, and tsunamis,etc.) made me more sure than ever that we are indeed in the “Last Days” as prophesized in the Bible,with increased natural disasters occurring during that time. Not only have there been a lot of them lately, but also more severe as well, with them being classified as the “worst in recorded history”, the “worst in 300 YRS” , the “worst in the country”, the “worst of all-time”, the “worst in this century”, etc. so now only are they happening more frequently they are also increasing in severity as well.Some may argue there have always been and will always be natural disasters and this is true, but now they are much more SEVERE and more  frequent; that is the major difference!It sure sounds like we are being warned, chastized, prepared and getting very close to Jesus’ return and must prepare ourselves spiritually for this eventual outcome.We are heading in that direction.

As well,there have also been increased wars, violence,oppression,immorality,disregard for life, calling what is bad good,and what is good bad, which are also other signs that the Judgement is near.There was a guy who said this past Saturday was the day of the Rapture and obviously he was wrong, but I DO see it as very soon,nevertheless, based on the sinful state of the world, how it has all but turned away from God, and the current disasters and signs that we are in the Last Days. It is certainly time to get ourselves “right” with God.The signs are all here, but are we paying attention? Will we turn away from sin and worldliness and turn to God? Are we living our lives for ourselves and to please the world, or are we living our lives for God and Heaven? When Jesus DOES return, will we be worthy? Will we be READY?Will we be Raptured?

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel!!

 I am disgusted to hear about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair and  secret “love child” he fathered with his housekeeper(during their 20 year sexcapades) 14 YRS ago. This is now added to another of his supposed whores who claims she had his child as well, amid years of reports of unfaithfulness on his part during his 25 YR marriage(which has now ended due to it) and groping and sexually harrassing other women. He is a pig. I think most men naturally ARE lustful pigs who would cheat if they had the occassion, esp. if unlikely to be caught. Still, it’s wrong,a sin, and I feel badly for his family; how humiliated his wife must feel, how embarrassed his kids must feel, and for the son who now just found out who his father is,and all the media attention it now brings upon him,and likely heckling from school peers as well.Families have been destroyed and people’s lives have been turned upside-down.

As for the mistress, she has been reported to always have been man trolling and throwing herself at men not just her employer. Not a surprising profile though when basically a “mistress” is basically nothing more than a married man’s whore. What IS it with politicians and celebrities though, that makes them think that they are “above” the rules; that the rules don’t apply to them, and have no moral of ethical standards whatsoever? The mistress  has it made financially due to it as well: he bought her a 4 bedroom house with a pool and she’ll have generous child support for 18 years and even when she was employed she made a staggering 1200$ a WK as a housekeeper.Doesn’t anyone honour the sacred marriage vow anymore(and the mistress was married as well during the affair and later divorced.) Isn’t anyone faithful or loyal anymore?

The Bay Blanket.

 The other day I had re-discovered a Hudson’s Bay( “The Bay”) blanket(sold at the Hudson’s Bay Company) we had put away in our hall closet. I had forgotten all about it actually and during cleaning found it again, so I put it on my bed, laying it folded across the foot of my bed now it’s warm, but once it gets colder I’ll have it nestled in my bed in-between other blankets as it’s 100% pure wool and itchy.

It is the typical Bay Blanket(my mother also had a winter coat of it as well) with the 4 thick stripes of blue, green, yellow and red. It is also pure wool, and has thin  navy blue “stripes” on it, indicating size and weight.Ours is Queen size and has 6 stripes indicating size. Originally the settlers traded the blankets with the Native Indians for fur(generally beaver) pelts.Ours was originally 375$ but we got it on sale for half-price for 175$ or so(we never buy anything full price but always on sale.)We have had it for quite a few years now as I know we had it at the old house and we’ve been here for years.It was nice seeing it again,almost like running into an old long-lost friend!