Needle Day.

 Yesterday was needle day. 3 of the kids got their vaccines; 2 got DPT boosters and 1 got meningitis. The 4 year old was scared and worried and when I called for him to come downstairs to go his eyes grew big, he looked panicked and ran away! He did well though; I gave him a dose of Tylenol an HR before as it lessens fever and reactions, and due to it he was tired and fell asleep at the clinic so the nurse gave him the shot while he was asleep,and as the needle poked him he half-woke up and sternly said “Stop DOING that!!” and that was it! Afterwards he said his arm hurt and that was all! Usually he reacts quite sick afterwards like he has the Flu and when he got his measles vaccine he even got a bad case of full measles!!

Many homeschoolers are anti-vaccine and I can appreciate their concerns with severe reactions, even disability, coma, and death in some cases, I can see their concern in putting toxins into their bodies,of side-effects, and even the concern vaccines may contribute to autism. Nevertheless, I was raised in a medical home and as such the little voice in my head always nags at me “What if they got the actual disease and DIE? The vaccines will prevent that” and since we’re always that unlucky and rare statistic I take no chances! We don’t blindly do ALL vaccines though; for instance we don’t get the Flu vaccines(makes you even sicker than if you got the Flu!) or H1N1,or the  HPV or hepatitis as they’re what we call the “whore vaccines”; preventing diseases that are only caught by being a whore; if you live a clean moral life you aren’t at risk, so why risk the side-effects of  a vaccine for a disease you’ll never get,and it also assumes that all kids in that age range will end up whores.So I guess you’d say we’re “in-between”; we don’t shun all vaccines but we don’t blindly get them all either; we select and choose  after careful consideration and risk.Next vaccines due in 2 more years now.