Postal Strike.

 Tomorrow Canada Post is set to strike, the greedy unions demanding more and more all the time, never satisfied despite having good salaries all things considering, esp. since you don’t need an education to work there; if you don’t have a university degree you can go work for Canada Post and be a civil servant. I resent it and am sick and tired of them always threatening,using blackmail tactics, and holding the public hostage like this. They should just  dismantle the unions, and fire every single one of them and replace them with people grateful to even have jobs! The gov’t should also deem it an essential service making it illegal for them to strike and to legislate them back to work and fine them if they don’t. Enough is enough.I think unions are too powerful and demanding anyway and I don’t go for that communist crap!

As well, due to my not supporting the strike my friend from grade 8(who works for them) de-friended me on Facebook for it.So much for being able to disagree with friends; I guess if you have a dissenting opinion you can’t be her friend. Other friends commented how immature, childish and wrong she is and that she wasn’t much of a friend to begin with and I’m better off without her and don’t need people like that, which is all true but what nerve though! How petty can people BE? She de-friends me just because I’m not supporting the strike? She then followed it up with a lengthy e-mail how horrible the job is and how they “deserve” everything they’re asking for, and I asked myself, “Why do you still work there then if it’s so bad? Something must make you stay!”(likely the good salary?) I mean, it was her choice to work there and if it’s that horrible why doesn’t she just find another job then? I really doubt the public WILL support the strike as it inconveniences people, but in this InterNet age maybe not as much as they’d hope and it will backfire on them. I hope what will come out of it is people will realize they can rely fine without the mail and will just pay bills online and use couriers for packages. Then more of them will be out of work and it will serve them right. They only did it to themselves with their greed. As for my “friend” I can only shake my head and mutter, “Some people!” No loss though if she’s going to be like that.Good riddance!!

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