Stupid Story Of The Day.

 This is ridiculous! I heard on the news a man was arrested and charged with hitting a raccoon that has been damaging his garden over a long period of time. He got fed up and whacked the little bugger with a shovel and a nosey parker neighbour saw and called 9-1-1(if you can believe it!) calling it “barbaric” and “psycho” etc. so the police came and arrested him and he can get 10 YEARS in jail!! WTF?(you drive drunk and all that happens is you lose your license for a week and you can KILL someone and lucky if you get 5 years in jail!) They said wildlife is protected by law and you can’t kill(or hurt in any way) them even if they ARE destroying your property, and you have to call “specialists” to remove them, at a cost of 375$-1000$ AND they can only be relocated so many km from the area, so that they can find their way BACK again, which they almost always do! How crazy is THAT? How does that solve the problem exactly? Then they added that they(the raccoons) were “here first and we have to co-exist with them!” Unbelievable! How ridiculous! I guess what he should have done is just silently poisoned them and no one would be able to trace where it occurred. They have been ravaging this particular neighbourhood and been a nuisance for the past 10 YEARS! It’s just wrong that homeowners are powerless to DO anything about it and that the stupid raccoons have MORE rights than people do! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any MORE stupid…those animal freaks are insane!