Tyranny In Syria.

I am disgusted to hear about the 13 year old boy who was arrested, jailed, tortured and killed in Syria by authorities. It started when he attended a protest with his father(they’d thought it was safe thinking they wouldn’t shoot kids….wrong…an 11 and 12 YR old were shot and killed) and he somehow became separated from his father and rounded up.For a few days he was missing(he had been detained) and his family frantically looked for him and were informed he had been arrested so they visited him in jail and were assured he was well and would be released soon….but they were furious the family had found out so over a 2 days period they tortured him; they shattered his kneecaps, cut off his “willy”, beat his face and head swollen and purple, burned his chest and finally shot him 3 times in the chest killing him. When his father returned to pick him up he was told to “go to the hospital” where they found his body in the morgue, all battered. They also warned his father not to tell anyone what happened or to talk to the media or they would “kill their other kids too.” Since then he too has been arrested and jailed.They say the mother is gone insane as a result.

What kind of sick, sadistic monster would do such a horrible thing to a CHILD? What is wrong with people? They have no soul, no decency, no conscience, and no humanity in them at all. Only someone pure evil could do such a thing.What has the world come to and how much worse can it possibly get? I cried reading this story. I have a 13 YR old son too and can’t even imagine if that has been him.There is so much evil in the world and it is under the spell of evil and godlessness.How can anyone get away with something like this? It is incomprehensible. How can human beings DO this to one another? Whatever possesses someone to be so brutal and inhuman? Where is the UN? Why are they not sanctioning Syria like they’re doing with Libya? This is an outrage! He’s a CHILD! Even to an adult it is horrible, but even more unthinkable to a kid!

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