New Age Guru.

 It was all over the news how Oprah Winfrey’s talk show has finally ended after 25 YRS and how sad people were.I, however, am not one of those people.I don’t care for her. I’ve seen a few shows back in the early 90’s and I agree she does cover relevant topics and conducts her interviews in a kind and caring manner, but she also comes across as very arrogant(she even has a magazine in her name!) and I have read many reports how she thinks she’s royalty, is very arrogant, stuck-up, controlling, mean and in real life not the kind philanthropist she wants people to believe but actually a very nasty piece of work.Her public  image is just for “show” and not really her.

I also don’t like how she comes across as some New Age guru with her hokus-pokus, mumbo-jumbo, voodoo hoodoo crap. She has a very “warped” version of “Christianity” and has many mindless followers who hang on her every word, like celebrity worship, also not a good thing. There are rumors she is actually gay too but I think her private life isn’t anybody’s business, but she is so full of herself and said to be very condescending, snobbish and not the nice person she tries to pass herself off as. I’m glad she’ll no longer be dominating TV.I get tired of seeing her everywhere, spouting her “advice” and thinking she knows what’s best.What ever made her the “expert” on everything? She is leading people astray and away from God.She’s smug and pompous and just rubs me the wrong way.