Big-Ass Storm!!

 We just had  a big-ass storm! Less than 30 min. before it roared thru we got a severe thunderstorm warning and the sky went really dark. We were warned of 120 km/HR winds, 4cm hail the size of golf-balls, 50mm rain in under 30 min. and risk of tornadoes. We got the torrential rain(it was bouncing and washing across the roads and sidewalks in “waves”) and bad wind, and thunder so loud if shook the house, plus lightening. No hail and no tornado, but the power flickered off a moment and the TV satellite went out. I brought in my hanging plants to protect them as the poor things were swinging wildly out there and I was afraid they’d go flying off! It swept all thru cottage country where we are and then it cleared up and the sun came out,the storm rolled east and I heard on the news that there WERE tornadoes north of us.It is still listed to storm overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, afternoon and evening as well!


Just a few hours after the storm another one came in just as fierce.It kept knocking out the power about 5 times, incl. as I tried to do my blog and I lost everything and had to re-do it all.90 000 people(14 ooo  in our area alone!) are still without power and they say some won’t even be restored until SATURDAY!! It went on for 2-3 hours too which is odd; usually such powerful storms last under an hour. During the first storm hubby and the kids were on a walk when I saw the warning so I phoned him and told him to rush home, a storm was coming and they just made it,too; 5-10 minutes after they got in it came! 2 of the kids were also out at a theme park trip all day with their Cadets group and I’d prayed it wouldn’t rain for them, or at least not until they were done and on the bus home….and as soon as they got on the bus it started! Expecting another storm Thursday evening as well!

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