Utterly Confused!!

 Ok, I am utterly, truly and deeply confused and speechless over this one. I just got the strangest e-mail ever! I have a friend who has been battling cancer and during the time I regularly asked her husband how she’s doing and he told me a couple of weeks ago that she’d died, so imagine my surprise just now to receive a FB message from her! It showed up in my e-mail box saying after 6 months of chemo she is down to 106 pounds and almost didn’t make it, has 2 chemo left and then observation for a few months. My jaw just dropped open in sheer shock bewilderment and surprise; she’s supposed to be DEAD! WTF? Either this is some sort of sick joke, or her husband lied to me, or else someone hacked her account and they are an imposter posing as her sending out fakes messages. In any case, I replied how confusing this is for me and asked them(whoever it is; her or someone else) to please clarify and explain as this just left me baffled and completely and utterly speechless. I’ve had some weird e-mails and messages, incl. spam for penis enhancers and the like, but I have to say that THIS one certainly wins for the oddest! I hope she IS alive though…back from the dead, literally!


I have the answer to the baffling riddle! I got another reply and she said it really is her, she IS alive afterall; her husband lied and as it turned out he’s a scammer; she’d just married him a few months ago and he was basically just waiting for her to die so he’d get her $$$ and such, so now she’s distanced from him and seeking legal options. He thinks she really did die, but I am so glad she didn’t! It’s like she “rose” from the dead! I am so happy! I was really upset when I thought she’d died and now I’m overjoyed I have my friend back, but feel sorry for her heartbreak about her marriage.Life is so strange.

Angels Among Us.

 Not only do I believe in angels, I have seen, felt and heard them, several times. No, I am not a crank! Our 4 angelic encounters were one time when I had a bad reaction to a drug(possible blood clots) and I was really scared I was dying and as I lay in bed I woke up feeling someone touch my nose, silently. I woke up and no one was there. I  felt a reassuring peace and the next day I would find out I would be fine. As well, in premature labor with my 7th child I was scared as I had a dream he would die at birth and I felt a comforting presence by my bed, sitting right next to me the entire delivery and he WAS born not breathing, and flopped out blue and had to be resussiatted. I also was dead tired  and slept thru my 5th child’s 2 am feeding and heard a loud voice “It’s time!” and I got up groggy and heard he was crying and no one else in the house was up.

My mother years ago was also caught driving in a bad snowstorm and it was a white out and she couldn’t see and drove into a snowbank and had no sense of direction. Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere and dug her out and as se turned to thank him he was gone….no car, no foot prints and no tire tracks left behind….

I have also seen them float past the rec room a few times, very tall shadowy hazy figures that quickly flutter past, wearing long white robes and their feet hovering a few inches off the ground ,moving quickly! The 12 Yr old has also seen them there, the 10 YR old has heard them laughing in her RM and the 8 YR old felt one sitting at the end of her bed when she was sick and scare d and she fell asleep.

I have also had heavenly warnings in dreams ahead of time as well, warning me of upcoming danger: for years since I was 9 I dreamt our house would be on fire and it was 15 years ago. I also  kept hearing a voice repeating “leukemia!” waking me up as I had a fearful sleep as my then 7 YR old was sick and it turned out he DID have it, and I had a warning there was a danger where we were and had to flee the area to be safe and shortly after an enemy did threaten us and we had to leave our house and flee the city.

I have had many angelic encounters and they reassure me of God’s heavenly protection and guidance and are comforting and increase my faith and feel like a warm hug from God.I believe in angels because they protect our family on a regular basis.