It Back-Fired!

 The greedy Canada Post union has been on rotating strikes for about a week now threatening to increase it. The funny thing is, it back-fired on them! They said now mail volume has dropped 50%(people are using couriers for their packages now and paying bills and such online) and the corporation has just announced due to it they will be laying off many workers and cutting mail delivery down from 5 days a week down to 3 days! So, being greedy and demanding more and going on strike didn’t work; it didn’t endear them to anyone, hardly affected anyone, and now they will be losing work and jobs over it!

Someone told me it’s hard work walking and being out in all extreme temps and having dogs bite them etc.and he sympathizes with them but I don’t feel sorry for them, esp. when I found out they EARN 46 000 $ a year! They don’t even need a university education yet they make 23$ an hour? That’s surely nothing to complain about! Besides, these are obviously people who LIKE to walk and enjoy being outdoors, otherwise they would have found another profession! I mean, it’s not exactly a difficult job(a paper boy does the same thing, as do the people that deliver flyers!) all you have to do is carry a load of mail and match up the letters to the house addresses and drop the mail in the box. It’s not exactly rocket science here and yet even then how many times do they screw up and we get someone else’s mail; the same house number, but a different street! I have no sympathy for greedy, powerful, demanding and blackmailing unions,anyway. This just serves them right and they only have themselves to blame.They should be grateful to even HAVE a job in this economy and to thankful for the cushy salary they have and to not be greedy and keep demanding more.Glorified paper boys!!