Dr.Death’s Death.

 Dr.Death has died. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the pioneer of assisted suicide, otherwise known plainly as murder.The ironic thing is, for a guy who helped countless people take their own lives he didn’t have the courage to kill HIMSELF when it came right down to it, even though he had been suffering and *wanted* to end it. I guess it was easier for him to kill others than to do it to himself. How cowardly and typical.What a hypocrite.

Now, I know first-hand what wanting to kill yourself is like. I have felt it most of my life, always wanting to be dead(esp. since I can’t be happy),and even tried it 3 times(obviously it failed all 3 times; I can’t even kill myself properly, but that’s a different story)having suffering from years of depression,abuse,not being loved,ostracized, bullying, trauma,emotional damage, and self-loathing, but  it’s wrong for someone else to HELP you do it. That’s murder. Suicide by definition means one kills themself, but if someone else does it(or even helps you or counsels you to do it) then it becomes murder which is a sin and against the law.Obviously you can’t criminally charge a person with suicide if they’ve killed themselves(duh!) but you CAN and should charge an accomplice.

If someone wants to take their own life nothing and no one can stop them if they are determined enough; they are their own worst enemy, but that is their own choice and their own life they’re dealing with, not someone else’s.They have to take responsibility for that and it’s consequences.No one has the right to decide if and when another person should die, or to help them do it, whether they are willing or not.It’s the same with abortion; killing another person. Murder is murder and it’s wrong, no matter what, no excuses; God’s laws are NOT relative.Now Dr. Death himself is facing God’s judgement.