Bad Luck Charm.

Some people believe in good luck charms. I however, am the opposite: I am a BAD luck charm! If it weren’t for bad luck then I wouldn’t have ANY “luck” at ALL! Some loser stole one of our garbage cans out the front of the house left out for garbage day(I hate it here) and now our SECOND new blender broke in less than 2 weeks as well: the screws and blade just came flying off! I mean, what are the odds? I have the unlucky odds of a person that’s been hit by lightening! My mother smirks,”Does always complaining about it make any difference or make you feel any better?”no, but I need to vent my resentment and rage.

The truth is, I’m beaten down by it and sick to death of it.I have so much in my life that I’m constantly fighting (my looks, my weight, my bad luck) and I just can’t win. It’s very defeating and frustrating. My mother sneers I should just “accept” it but I won’t. I won’t accept always getting the short end of the stick in life. I won’t accept always getting the shaft.I won’t accept always having inferior shabby quality goods.I won’t accept non-stop bad luck. I won’t accept being a victim. I will fight it all the way until the day I die. I just wish I knew WHAT was causing it; what the reason is(bad karma? just one of those “things?” punishment? a “test?” a curse? what?) so then I could try and figure out a way to make it stop.

With my bad luck I don’t wish for good luck in a greedy or selfish way though; not good luck in the way to win $$$$ or cars or contests, etc, nothing like that; I just want to have luck in the sense that things will work out the way they’re SUPPOSED to; the way they do every day for most people,and to NOT always be cursed with bad luck and have everything always going wrong and working against me all the time.I think the universe is out to get me. I want a normal life like normal people and to NOT always be the one who gets the defective products, the rare reaction, the unusual case, the unlucky statistic, the unlikely side-effect,etc. I want things to work OUT.To not always expect and get the worst all the time. Big things and small things. I am a lightening rod for bad luck.A magnet for misfortune. I draw bad luck to myself like honey attracts flies.I just want to stop always being a bad luck charm and to have some positivity and good luck for once. I want my life to not always be an ongoing series of bad luck and misfortune.I want to be able to purchase something and to not have to always return it.I want to assume things will go right. I just want things to WORK!