“Ketchup” Post.

Catching up on our lives:

The losers next door were shooting off fireworks in their yard and when I first head the noise I thought it was gunshots, the 2nd blender we got also broke and had to be exchanged yet again(each one only lasted 2 weeks), the 15 YR old had 2 grade 9 piano recitals and won awards, our church had it’s family picnic, we wondered what that rotting stench was and realized we forgot we still had dyed Easter eggs so we threw them out,the 13 YR old told me the kids cry at night still missing the dogs and he even has photos of them on his IPod, and the pool is always so dirty, cloudy and murky no matter how many chemicals I dump into it and even scooping and brushing it daily and “shocking” and algeaciding it 1-2 times a week it’s never clear and always so dirty. Our priest Fr. T will still be off sick a few more months(he’s been off since April) and he paid a short visit and said he lost 40 pounds….and he sure looked a lot thinner and OLDER! As well, Fr. P has been promoted and has been re-assigned and leaves in July and our new priest is also from Nigeria(like him) as well! The 4 YR old was mad and locked me outside as well; he’s an unholy terror,and some loser stole our garbage can left out the front on garbage day too; the rednecks here steal ANYTHING!!