My Dark Nemesis.

 THIS is my nemesis. My sworn enemy and rival this year. This is the annoying black squirrel that chews thru our garbage cans, chews thru the wooden part of our roof and is seen here stealing the food I left out for the chipmunks. When it chews on the roof I bang on the roof  with a broom or spray it with the hose to scare it away but it always still  keeps coming back. Once there was even a nest in the roof so we scared them out and then sealed in the hole but it keeps gnawing it’s way thru! I think THIS time we’ll have to drill a piece of aluminum over it; they can chew thru wood but aluminum might prove to be more of a challenge. My hubby says it’s a battle we can never win; that squirrels can outlast humans,outsmart us, outwit us, and that they have been here before us and will remain here long after we’ve gone. Nevertheless I refuse to give up and let the furry little buggers win. I vow to continue to fight this war and if I can’t win at least I will put up a good fight!