Air Canada Sucks!!

 As well as the Canada Post strike(and I saw on the news the ones striking all looked like a bunch of rednecks,too!) now Air Canada is on strike and the gov’t is considering legislating them back to work. I personally hope they go bankrupt. They are the WORST airline ever of all time, seriously.(My faves are KLM and Lufthansa) I will NEVER take them again and would rather swim across the ocean! I even pay the extra 75$ fee(for “special requests”) to the cruiseline arranging our air transport to guarantee I WON’T get THEM; any other one is fine, just not them!! They are the worst at losing luggage of all the airlines and are sooo rude and have the worst customer “service!” I have used many different airlines from various countries so I can compare. They SUCK royally! They are a national disgrace.

One time we were stuck at a connection for 6 hours and when I asked why they snarled, “Look up at the monitor!”(which said nothing) and to an old lady asking the same, “Shut up, old lady!” They are the worst. I hope during the strike people take WestJet and Porter instead and stay with them, realizing how much better they are and that shitty Air Canada will lose business. They are so greedy too; in this economy they should be grateful to even HAVE a job and be satisfied instead of always asking for more,more, more. A strike is like a whiny demanding child who tantrums when they don’t get what they want.They threaten and have a hissy-fit. This is no different.They should just fire them all and outlaw unions.


As well as the gov’t going to legislate Air Canada back to work they are also going to order it with the striking postal workers too. Good! It serves them right!