Hockey Hooligans.

I wasn’t surprised to hear about the hockey hooligans trashing Vancouver just because they lost a stupid hockey game. I mean, what else would you expect from a bunch of drunken redneck losers?I would expect nothing less from people like that. I have always thought sports fans are low-class losers and their actions just proved my point and showed the entire world.That’s what white trash DO though; they drink, fight, destroy things and break the laws. Drunken lawless anarchy is just a way of life for them.Typical of such low-rent individuals. Even the radio DJ’s said how now the Americans are laughing at the “low-class uneducated Canadians.” it’s a national disgrace.They also said it is now “the face of hockey” and not only makes Vancouver look bad,but hockey fans as well(but they are rednecks to begin with,anyway!) but also the entire country. Now we all look like a bunch of goons.

The drunken hooligans vandalized the city streets, smashed windows, looted, set fires to cars, beat people up,rioted, etc. even the police had a hard time controlling them and needed back-up riot police and the liquor stores even closed early. I think what they should have done is called in the military, banned all alcohol and blocked off all the downtown city streets with barricades and “walls” of riot police like they did with the Toronto G20 summit. There’s no coincidence either that alcohol companies sponsor sporting events either as that’s the rednecks it attracts. It’s also interesting how the more “cultured” sports like golf, tennis and polo don’t act this way; when they lose they don’t riot and create lawless anarchy.Of course they try to “downplay” it and say it was a “small group”(actually on the news they said “thousands”) and that they “weren’t hockey fans” when they clearly WERE, and the news reports said they did it because their team lost. I don’t follow loser sports(I am more concerned about the REAL news that actually matters, like the massive floodings or the protests in Syria) and just avoid and ignore it and have no idea which teams even played(and couldn’t care less) but even I couldn’t help but hear about this story; it’s all over the news everywhere and shows people what a drunken trailer trash disgrace this country is,and all this just over a stupid hockey game! A bunch of mindless thugs!

When I first saw the images on TV of glass in the streets, burning cars. fire, smoke etc. I thought it was either the riots in Athens or the protests in Syria…except even those weren’t this bad, and the protests in the Middle East for freedom and democracy(a GOOD cause) are peaceful and not like this! Even in Japan after their catastrophes they showed on the news how they stood patiently in line for water and supplies; they weren’t pushing or shoving, butting in or rioting and looting.Unlike here, they are actually polite and well-mannered and have culture.If the way the hooligans were behaving here isn’t redneck then I don’t know what is. Even so my hubby was excusing and defending them(as he’s a redneck himself which I hate and resent and regret) even though there is NO excuse for this.My 16 YR old sneers I’m “judgemental” and I replied, “I’d rather be judgemental than a redneck!” These kind of people just rub me the wrong way and are just immoral and like to cause trouble and all this over a stupid meaningless game? I mean, in the grand scheme of things and the “Big Picture” WHO really CARES! It’s just dumb hockey; it’s meaningless and pointless and in 10 years or 100 years from now it won’t make one difference! The outcome will have been long forgotten but the hooligans won’t be; this is a stain on the nation but not surprising or unexpected, considering where it comes from.