Is Dominique Strauss Kahn a pervert or was he falsely accused or even set up? He has been accused of raping a maid in a hotel. Now normally it would be his word against hers(and we all know how that would turn out; he’d have more influence, better credibility and clout and costly lawyers) yet because there have been other previous allegations of a similar nature I would think it’s most likely true; it’s not like it was just this once and this was the first time.Since others have accused the former IMF chief(and former candidate for the French Presidency) of similar crimes it makes this accusation more likely. It’s not uncommon though; rich powerful men thinking they can have anything and anyone they want; that they don’t have to follow the rules  and can just do as they please, and many times they DO get away with it. At least this time if it’s true justice will be served. Just as long as he’s not falsely accused, as also is equally common; greedy people setting up rich powerful people, to blackmail or extort $$$$. It works both ways….in this case time will tell.