Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

 The other day I came across an old Blue-Eyes White Dragon toy in the sandbox that my 16 year old had years ago from when he was little.It made me sad to see it as it reminded me of when he was little, and sweet, and when he used to love me and be kind. Now he’s turned into this horrible teenage monster that’s mean, mouthy, cruel, disrespectful and treats me like a piece of shit. He has gone from being sweet and loving(and we used to be really close) to pushing me away and always saying mean hurtful things to me.Yesterday, for example, he sneered how “Only stupid ever comes out of my mouth, like shit spewing out” and when I told him it was cruel and uncalled for and punished him for his mouth he snickered it’s MY “fault for being stupid.” He’s always telling me how stupid, dumb, fat, illogical, wrong, unintelligent, bad mother,hypocritical,etc. I am. I already have zero self-esteem and his barbs don’t help.He has even told me I might as well go kill myself since I’m a failure as a parent.He ridicules and mocks me as well and when I yell(because they’re not behaving) he makes squawking “Caw! caw!” noises like a crow at me. It esp. hurts as he used to be so sweet and we were so close once, when he was little and I still DO love him(I just don’t “like” him) and when he treats me like this it breaks my heart. Seeing the toy brought back a flood of happy memories of what he used to be like but was also painful at the same time to see how he’s changed and how I’ve “lost” him. He even says he’s an atheist now and doesn’t even believe in God anymore and mocks my religious faith.I just want my sweet little boy back; to return to a time when he was nice.I hope he isn’t “lost” forever and that this is just a phase he will one day outgrow and that he will “return” to me once again and be more civilized and loving like he once was.