Farmed Out To Daycare.

 It was in the news lately about an uproar created when a daycare was to close.As for me my thought was “GOOD!!” Now, I have a real issue with daycare, since from age 6 weeks old to 11 years old I was farmed off to daycares and babysitters until I was 11 and then I was just left home alone, what they called a “Latchkey Child.” My mother was never home with me and my dad was gone from when I was 2 so I essentially never got to see or bond with either of my parents. This is a real sore spot for me. I absolutely 100% do NOT agree with daycare in the least; I mean why even HAVE kids if you can’t even be bothered to be home and raise them and just send them off to be raised by strangers? It shocked me when the parents heard the daycare was to close and they were angry and said,”What am I going to do with my child?” Well, dumb-ass, here’s a novel idea; why don’t you stay HOME with them and raise them like you’re supposed to? You had the kid, it’s your responsibility to take care of it, or why even have kids if you’re not spending time with them and hardly ever see them,right? They’re not like pets that you can just leave home alone all day or send off to the kennel when you go away!

The gov’t is going to try and subsidize daycare and have more available I think is a bad idea; it will only encourage lazy parents to ditch their kids even more. It’s esp. dumb as people cry they can’t live on one salary….but the second income almost always goes entirely to pay for daycare, so they’re basically having the mother go out to work solely to pay for strangers to raise their kid! It makes no sense! Stay home and if the kid’s not in daycare you don’t even NEED that second salary, plus the kid has the love and security of an at-home full-time nurturing parent! I suffered greatly emotionally from what I went thru and I would not wish that on any child, and for that very reason I have always been home with my 11 kids.Kids NEED the security  and attachment of their mother as full-time caregiver, esp. during the first 5 formative years.It is critically important. I can’t stress that enough, and daycare sabotages it,weakens the family bond,and negatively harms the child. They will have problems connecting with and trusting people. I personally hope they shut down ALL the daycares and then the moms will have to get their priorities straight and stay home with their kids; they’ll have no choice but to be proper parents and not have their kids raised and indoctrinated by the gov’t or by strangers, and even possibly abused in the process.They will have better emotionally adjusted kids and stronger families and will be better off for it.The family is the building block of society and if it is weak the society will collapse.Broken and destroyed families are society’s problem and begin when parents couldn’t even be bothered to take care of their own kids and pay other people to do their job for them.God has given kids to the PARENTS to raise.Period.