No Pride.

 Toronto mayor Rob Ford is being condemned and criticized and called a “homophobe”(a word they like to use to describe anyone who doesn’t agree with homosexuality) for not going to the gay pride parade even though he’ll be at the cottage next holiday w/e with his family(a tradition they’ve only HAD for the past 30 YRS!!) and they say as mayor he’s “obligated” to go and can’t he at least show up sometime during the 10 days festival,etc. I say good for him! Good for him for putting family first, for not being co-erced by a pushy special-interest group and for standing up for what he believes in. He DOES have the right to his own personal beliefs and opinions and can’t be expected to be everywhere.Besides, you can never please everyone anyway.

Ok, sure, maybe he doesn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle and that’s his right and his choice and it must be respected. Besides, the parade is nothing but a vulgar crass indecent pornographic display of half-naked men prancing around and making out with one another, complete with chains, collars, etc. outlandish and garish, and a flamboyant in-your-face gay stereotype that even many gays object to and avoid the parade for that very same reason as it makes them all look like a bunch of brash perverts!!(I personally think they should be discreet and I don’t think it’s right for hetero couples to make out in public either; some things should be kept private) Put it this way, it’s not something I’d want to bring my kids to, and it would be just as crude if it were half-naked heteros making out and being crude in public!(but we’ll never see a hetero pride parade!) No wonder he wants to stay away from it! If he didn’t go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade would they say he hates the Irish too, or if he didn’t go to the Santa Claus parade that he was anti-Christmas, or if he skipped the Caribana parade that he hated blacks? No, of course not; it’s just plain stupid! Some people get worked up and offended over every little thing and the thing I noticed is the gays always like to spout off about “tolerance” but it doesn’t seem to work both ways; they expect everyone else to accept and embrace their lifestyle(and blatantly flaunting sex and sin in a parade is not the way to endear people to it) but if someone has another belief they do not tolerate it and brand them a “homophobe!” I say good for him for not going.He has a right to believe what he wants and to choose which events to go to.The Pride parade is NOT everyone’s “cup of tea” and he has the right to not attend and if he doesn’t agree with homosexuality he would feel very uncomfortable there and be a hypocrite if he showed up, which is worse.

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