The Last Discrimination.

 Imagine not getting jobs you are qualified for but overlooked due to your appearance. Imagine not being asked to a prom, dances or on dates because of your appearance. Imagine being left out, teased and picked on because of your appearance. Imagine  being limited in life and having fewer choices and opportunities in life due to your appearance. This is daily life for people who are ugly and fat and it is the one last discrimination left that society still sadly seems to find acceptable. It is generally considered unacceptable nowadays to discriminate based on one’s race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, but it still goes on for those who are fat and ugly. Life is very cruel to the fat and the ugly and we are still marginalized, mocked, looked down on, over-looked, excluded and feel like second-class citizens.

I read recently about a dating site that kicked thousands of members out for being ugly and refusing to allow ugly people to join and ugly people are also often not allowed into hip clubs based on their looks,and are less likely to be chosen for things.What is normal in life for most people is often out of reach for the overweight and unattractive.Fat jokes and ugly jokes and name calling and ridicule are still widely accepted whereas gay jokes or ethnic jokes are not.Fat and ugly people are also blamed for their condition and are more likely to suffer self-esteem issues, depression and be suicidal.Many of us are forced into self-exile and isolation, rarely leaving our homes, preferring to stay hidden.

There was an article in the news the other day about an overweight teen and everyone that sent in letters and comments blamed her for it saying she’s just “lazy” a “slob”, “has no self-respect”, “should take responsibility”, is a “pig”, “disgusting”,etc. and when I added it might be genetic(like it is with me; ALL the women on my mom’s side of the family are fat) they all disagreed and blamed her for being that way, even though, like me, she has also tried and failed at every diet. Sometimes it’s your genes and you can’t fight a losing battle no matter how hard you try. It’s the same being ugly; no one in their right mind would desire,choose, or want to be ugly. It would be heartless to blame a retarded or handicapped person for being that way, for example, but when it comes to fat and ugly people people think nothing of it. This bigotry,bullying, and discrimination has to stop. It drives people to self-loathing, despair and even suicide.I know first-hand how it feels and the long-term damage it causes. Fat and ugly people have feelings too and it’s not right to pick on them, exclude them, shun them, or discriminate against them based on their appearance.We can’t help how we look and like anyone else just want to be accepted, feel valued and loved and want to fit in and make friends.

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