So Convincing!!

 My son is taking Business Administration at university(just finished his 3rd year) and he will do well in the world of finance not only due to his high grades and being a member of the Honour Society but also because I am convinced he can talk anyone into anything! Case in point: I told him we pay over 100$ a month for our TV satellite service so he phones(unbeknownst to us) our satellite provider and tells them to the effect of “stop ripping off ‘old’ people!” and  somehow convinced them to take 20$ a month off our bill for the next year, saving us 240$! He said where he lives in the big city he only pays 45$ a month for his HD cable TV service! He will do well in his chosen profession later, being able to talk people into why they need to hire him, or work for his company, or do business with him, etc.

As well, I heard on the radio an ad for someone doing the same business at an event that our family has and I got mad thinking, “You’re cutting into our business!” and as it turned out it was US; we’re booked for it so I was mad at ourselves! The redneck losers next door were also smoking up over the w/e and it reeked so bad we had to even close our windows and the 8 YR old said, “They probably picked it out of their garden!” My mom snickered as well that I’m a “Communist” because I always make the kids share everything and take turns; she doesn’t believe in sharing and is always trying to discourage it and sabotages my teaching the kids; I guess she wants them to end up selfish like her….

Here We Go Again!!

 Here we go again, trouble with our pool(what else is new?)No matter what I do, despite daily cleaning and maintenance(scrubbing with the broom thing on the long pole and scooping with the net on the pole) and cleaning and chemicals and vacuuming several times a week the water is STILL cloudy and greenish(not as bad as the photo here but you get the idea.) We just can’t get rid of the algae and can’t get the water blue, sparkling, clean and clear no matter what. It’s really frustrating as I try so HARD and put in clarifiers, flocking agents, algaecide, “shock”, stabilizers,etc. yet we still  can’t keep up with the dirt ,algae and murkiness.The other day when I used the manual vacuum(as opposed to the automatic “robotic” vacuum we usually use) the hose kept coming off the vacuum 5 times AND I still couldn’t vacuum up all the sand from the bottom of the deep end AND the chlorine pucks came loose out of the container and sunk to the bottom of the pool! NOTHING can ever go RIGHT for me!

As well as that we’re still leaking water, the water level goes down every day 1-2 inches and we’re always leaving the hose in to re-fill it and lots of tiles and chunks of concrete have fallen off too but it just costs too much to have it fixed(last time a few years ago we had a few tiles put in it cost 800$!). I also had an idea that maybe the reason it’s so cloudy is the sand in the filter needs to be replaced; that now the filter is just recirculating the same dirty water, so we called the pool guys and  they’ll come sometime and get rid of the old sand(300 or so pounds of it!) and put in the new stuff, costing around 300$.I hope that this will FINALLY make a difference and that we can get rid of the algae and the fogginess once and for all but I won’t count on it since things have a habit of not working out for me…and no matter WHAT I do we seem to have to just live with cloudy green water.