Back To Work, You Greedy S.O.B’s!

 Canada Post union has been legislated back to work by the gov’t(finally! What took them so long?) after a 26 day strike and the mail is set to resume being delivered today. The funny thing is the greedy union complains the entire time yet walked OUT of negotiation talks and now it goes to arbitration the 2 offers available are even LOWER than the original offer from Canada Post so they’ll end up with even LESS but it serves them right for refusing to settle, for keeping the strike going and holding the public hostage and for being greedy and not satisfied and wanting more. Now they get even less AND are ordered back to work, so all I can say is “Ha ha ha!” and it serves them right! They did it to themselves and only have themselves to blame! They’ve had MORE than enough time to reach a settlement.Enough is enough!

The Socialist NDP party kept stalling the back-to-work legislation for days but it still passed(with a majority gov’t) then the senate approved it and it got royal assent…and now they have to get back to work. I just wonder what took them so long; when Air Canada went on strike the gov’t ordered them back in 2 days!

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