Weiner Is Such A Dick!!

 Former US congressman Anthony Weiner is such a dick! He was caught sending crude Twitter pics to women incl. porno whores. He is obviously a pervert and to make it worse is the fact that he’s married and his wife is expecting their first child! I feel badly for her, no doubt hurt, humiliated and embarrassed. I can only imagine how strained their marriage must be now.At first he lied and denied sending the crude photos as well and said someone had “hacked” his account and then admitted to it, yet still refused to resign despite pleas for it but eventually gave in to public pressure and resigned, as he should have. What IS it with these high profile guys though? How stupid IS he to risk his career, his marriage and his reputation by sending porno pics? Why would anyone be so dumb to DO something like that,anyway? He’s such a dick!

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