A Tragedy Of Two Families.

 It’s all over the news the latest policeman killed in the line of duty. This time he was dragged and crushed by a runaway van as the driver sped off after being pulled over. The driver was only 15 and had taken his dad’s van for a “joyride” with his friends and when the officer pulled him over I assume what happened is he panicked and got scared and drove off, dragging the cop with him(then the van flipped over crushing him beneath it) but likely not intending on killing him; a stupid youthful mistake gone wrong, that has now shattered 2 families and destroyed 2 lives.This is a perfect example of how 1 event, 1 wrong choice, can affect the rest of your life and the lives of others.;how in one instant everything can change.

The media report is going on and on about this, as they always do when a police officer is killed, more so than if it was a civilian, making me wonder if they value the cop’s lives more than the “common” person’s.It is a tragedy though and he leaves behind a wife and 2 young kids. The other tragedy, however, that is being overlooked is the 15 year old and his family. Imagine what it’s like for his parents as well? He is in critical condition with head and spinal cord injuries, may be paralyzed and/or brain damaged if he even survives and then faces a first degree murder charge on top of that,assuming he ever wakes up, that is. His life is destroyed as well and that of his family as well as the police officer’s family. There are 2 hurting families here, although the one is being overlooked. I would think the guilt that he killed someone would be enough to destroy him,having to live with that knowledge the rest of his life, but he also faces jail time.All this for one stupid mistake that will follow him and that he will pay for, for the rest of his life. I pray it doesn’t define and destroy him the rest of his life;that he can learn and grow from this tragedy and make better choices in the future; that he can move past this and make something with his life, changing his ways and not have this one tragic event dictate the rest of his life.He’s only 15.Spending years in jail with hard-core inmates will only make him worse when he gets out.Being the most hated and vilified person right  won’t help toward rehabilitation,either.Now 2 families will be forever changed and shattered and we must pray for everyone(esp. the ones that no one else will pray for;the ones that need it the most) and consider ALL that are hurting; 2 families torn apart,suffering and grieving.People are upset by this, and rightly so, but we must remember there are 2 victims and 2 hurting families that need compassion and prayer and I don’t think a stupid mistake at age 15 should condemn this kid for the rest of his life.

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