Happy Canada Day!

 Happy Canada Day! For us it is a busy day of work as our family business does well at the park events this day; it is our biggest money-maker of the year! Pretty much all the kids have to help out for this; working for 8 hours in the hot sun! At night we go and watch fireworks so for us this isn’t really a relaxing day off!

As for the day itself I don’t really care; I have nothing to celebrate or feel “pride” over;I think this country sucks: we’re taxed too much, the gov’t is taking away more and more of our rights and freedoms all the time, the public schools are unsafe and indoctrinate kids with propaganda, special-interest groups get special rights and the voice of the minority dictates to the majority, it takes months to get health care,things are really expensive and getting worse, from housing costs to food to gas, we have inferior and limited selection of goods compared to other countries, the gov’t seems to have a problem with immigrants and foreign investments, causing a monopoly on services which are sub-standard and cost a fortune, racism exists,the gov’t increasingly legalizes sin, troops are killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan and have the gall to call it a “peace” mission, police routinely abuse citizens and get away with it, the winters are brutal, many are living in poverty,and there’s so many drunken hockey-loving beer-swilling ,rioting, rowdy losers. Put it this way, if I could afford it I’d move in a heartbeat.I’m embarrassed to be from here to tell you the truth.I think it sucks.

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