Rings And Things.

I went to the local jewelers and got my rings re-sized larger. For months my fingers have been swollen(circulation, heart or kidney problems? Who knows, take your pick) and my rings are too tight, cutting off circulation and turning my fingers a deep purple and impossible to remove so I had them make them larger.It should be ready in about 10days. I brought in my wedding rings, my anniversary ring and my heirloom rings: my grandmother’s wedding ring and my great-grandmother’s wedding ring. It cost 30$ each but better than having to get all new rings at hundreds of $$$ apiece! I also got a new Q-Ray bracelet.My old one was 4 years old and discoloured and was too tight, so now,like clothing, I have 2 sizes: my “thin” ones and my “fat” ones. I don’t believe there are any “magical” properties to the bracelet; I just like the style the way it looks.

As well, for Canada Day there were losers galore at the parks; drinking beer and hooting and hollering; the exact negative stereotype of this country that I hate and that embarrasses me to no end.Low-rent individuals. Last night I was also scared awake 2:30 am my room lit up and loud bang bang bang on my window. I looked out and saw pink and green fireworks hitting my bedroom window and 2 teen boys walking by. Typical rednecks and punks in this hick-ass town. It freaked me out for sure and I couldn’t get back to sleep after either; still shaken up and scared and then worried the embers might smoulder for awhile and catch fire to the balcony or the tree outside the window,etc. Needless to say I am SO tired today!

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