The Bitch Is Back!

 The bitch is at it again(not that she ever really stops!) Today my cruel mother took 2 of the kids for a walk up to the store but refused to bring along another when she asked(the one that’s the closest to me) just to be mean because she doesn’t like her.She made her cry and sob she’s always left out. She hates and resents her because she loves ME the most, more than her, and listens to me above her and is the only one besides me that stands up to her.She doesn’t want anyone to love and poisons the kids against me.When she gets it into her head to hate someone(such as me) or sees some perceived “slight”(like the former owners of the corner store) she puts her all into making their lives a living hell forever, holds onto grudges forever and never lets go. I think she will live forever as it seems the most evil people do, like the former Nazis, all lived into their 90’s. I doubt I’ll ever be rid of her…

I also told her that unlike her I won’t interfere, meddle,take over. and over-step boundaries with MY grandkids later and she snickered that’s because I “won’t care about them”(actually it’s because I DO care and I know my place,and I don’t want to do to my kids whats he does to me!) and then sneered that I “can’t wait to get rid of the kids” and I told her, “At least not until they’re 18(go away to university and move out) you couldn’t wait to get rid of me from age 6 weeks!”(farmed me off to daycare) and she spat, “You’re 43(actually I’m 44 but what does she know about me or care) and I STILL can’t get rid of YOU! You’re still here!” so I told her to move out then(it’ll be easier for her to move out than all of us!) and she thundered,”It’s MY house!”(actually, no, it was bought with my inheritance from my grandmother) and I reminded her, ‘Actually, hubby, the kids and I are the REAL family and YOU’RE just the extra ‘add-on!” Then she smirked that when they kids have all left home and I’m off doing missionary work that they WON’T send me “care packages”(toiletries and such) because they “don’t like” me and when I said it’s because she’s turned them against me said “No, it’s because you’re a bitch!” and  “I don’t see them loving YOU!” I can’t believe the cruel way she treats me.She makes me fantasize of the 2 of us going behind a dark alley and only one of us returns.

I don’t think I can “last” 10 more years until my responsibilities here are done and I can leave(once the youngest starts highschool and my homeschooling is done).I also hope it’s(missionary work in Africa; my “retirement” plan) not just something else that won’t work for me(my hubby jeers too that I won’t be “up” for it and expects me to fail, just like I have at everything else in my life and says he doesn’t expect it to last long) or else I’ll have NOTHING. That is my plan, my escape,starting a new chapter in my dead-end life once the kids are gone. I have to remove all negativity from my life and get on with my life. I am going to start over and remove myself from my toxic family.I’ll just have to “MAKE” it work as no matter what I’m not ever going back to my mother and my hubby. I have to get away from my hellish life where I’m always blamed for everything, have no support or love, am ganged-up on, where the kids disrespect, ignore and disobey me, where I feel so powerless, helpless, and trapped.

Why I Admire The Royal Couple.

I think the reason I admire Prince William and Kate is because they are so far removed from my world and from my life;glamorous, confident, and attractive; everything that I’m not but wish I was.They live this “fantasy” life that most of us can only dream of.It’s like a fairytale; I mean, what little girl doesn’t dream of growing up and marrying a prince and becoming a princess?Plus, they seem like a nice couple. My hubby makes fun of me because I like them but he doesn’t have any culture,and,in fact, they are even more removed from HIS lifestyle than they are from mine.

In Montreal they were booed by 300 protesters(but vs the 800 supporters) against the monarchy but in Quebec they always like to cause trouble and use any excuse to riot, vandalize, protest etc.anyway. They are nothing more than whiners, complainers, wanting special rights,causing trouble and wanting to separate from the rest of the country. My son goes to university there and he said they ARE crazy; always rioting over everything. I also heard that 50% of federal funding goes to Quebec alone leaving the other 50% to be divided among the other 9 provinces and yet Quebec is still not ever satisfied; they always want more and special rights.They think because they’re French that it makes them special and deserving of more than anyone else.I don’t think anyone even cares anymore what they think or have to say, have grown tired of their riots and just hope they separate and get it over with.I say good riddance!